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Nov 26 2009

The Mobile Dominatrix Van Sounds Appealing

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Dominatrix Mobile

Here’s why other countries rule and we don’t.  They are so much more free with sexuality it’s not even funny.  Let’s say you’re at work. Let’s say you’re tired.  Let’s just say you’re incredibly bored with the everyday grind.  What in God’s name do you do?

Here in the U.S.?  Someone would probably go eat a big sandwich or head to the pub for a beer.  But in Europe?  Europe’s a little better than that.  If you’re bored there you can hop onto the Domina Mobil and get your ass slapped.

I like that….

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Nov 26 2009

One of the Weirdest Music Videos Ever

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And yes, it was on MTV.  Amazing.  I think I just killed myself.

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Nov 26 2009

She’s Uncoachable: The Best of Baton Rouge, Katherine Rose

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Katherine Rose

From her Model Mayhem profile:

Just when I thought I could catch up on my MM msgs and get back to scheduling more shoots, I landed a star role on a new TV series! Been filming the last few weeks, and it’s been 12-15+ hour days, 6 days a week, so needless to say, my MM has been WAY neglected.

Um, does anyone know what hit show this is?  I would hope it’s Playboy After Dark.  If not then I’m basically not interested.  What I am interested in is the body that Katherine posses.

More of Katherine Rose after the jump

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Nov 26 2009

What You’re Really Having For Thanksgiving

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Choke on this while you’re eating.  Happy Turkey Day folks!

[Photo H/T]

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Nov 26 2009

10 Random and Fun Guitar Playing Videos

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About a month ago my dad and I randomly walked into this Jazz Club just to hang out and listen to music.  As it turns out, the headliner was Stanley Jordan.   Guy happens to be one of the best guitar players in the world.  He was playing guitar and piano at the same time and it was ridiculous.

It’s amazing how talent just comes at times you least expect it.  And speaking of guitar, there are so many people out there who can do some amazing things with that instrument.  Kind of makes me want to learn it.

In any event, here are 10 awesome random guitar playing videos

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Nov 26 2009

University of Cincinnati’s Cheerleaders Play Beer Pong in Bikinis

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Cincinnati Cheerleaders

I have to admit I don’t think I ever wanted to be a Bear Cat so much in my life.  I mean Cincinnati’s Cheerleading Squad might not be the number one cheering squad in the nation, but they sure as hell party.  Not only that, there are some smoking chicks in there.

I’m not quite sure why they’re not up at the top of the “hottest cheerleader” lists of many-a-internet publications, but after seeing the pictures I am about to share something tells me people will change their minds about both the hotness of these girls.  Not to mention their willingness to party off the field.

From basketball players to beer pong to Nick Lachey, here are the University of Cincinnati Cheerleaders in all their glory.

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Nov 26 2009

Happy Thanksgiving: Poca Hotness 2009, Print Art Objects, and The Duckface Disease

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Click on the photo for full Pocahotness 2009

Today’s links will be slightly abbreviated so you’ll have to forgive me for that but I am not here.  This post is somewhat of an illusion because it was written days ago, perhaps weeks ago.  Yet I am safe and sound preparing to eat my turkey and take a big nap.  And still, more posts to come!

More pocahotness potential at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Throwdown

25 print art objects way more badass than a turkey – [Cracked]

Hot girl has chronic problem of making same face in all pics – [The Chive]

A weird Russian site with tons of cool stuff – [Dirty]

The hardest hitting 6-year-old you’ll ever see – [Withleather]

The 15 hottest women of “Dancing with the Stars” – [Guyism]

A collection of 20 awesome advertisements – [Don Chavez]

When sexy celebrities nude it up on Thanksgiving – [Cityrag]

Hottest news reporter ever goes into the forest – [Flabber]

Another reason to ban athletes from using Twitter – [Unathletic]

Louise Glover is still the hottest girl ever – [Attuworld]

The question is “What chick would you do?” – [Totally Crap]

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Nov 25 2009

Jessica Cirio Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Jessica Cirio

Jessica is an Argentine model and dancer of Italian descent. She has appeared on the Argentine reality show Cámara en Mano as well as pictorial spreads in Revista Hombre.  Oh yeah, she’s also queen of the thong.

More thong queens at Uncoached’s Facebook page

The Portfolio

Tiffani Sophie Katelynn Lily Minter Amie Hotties Challis

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Nov 25 2009

You Just Never Know Who Your Professor Is…

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This one’s for all you college kids out there

We’ve all had weird professors in college.  Hell we had them in elementary school right on up through college.  There’s always that guy with the crazy beard.  Or there’s always the teacher who had terrible breath but you never had the courage to tell them.

Bottom line is that there’s just some people you get the feeling that there’s more than meets the eye.  But what about the teachers you loved?  How about the ones you looked up to?

As it turns out these are the ones the might be the whack jobs we think our other professors might be.   See that guy above?  He aint’ what you think he is….

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Nov 25 2009

It’s the Sand Dune Backflipper

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I kind of wish that his head got smashed but I’ll take this.  It’s fine.

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