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Nov 30 2009

Woman Who Runs Truck into House is Not the Type of Woman I’d Date

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We’ve all dated psychos before.  Some women out there just go a little nutty when the relationship isn’t working too well.  Guys are guilty of this too.  We all get angry.  We all do things that we’d probably regret.  But this might be taking it a bit too far….

A Southern Illinois woman faces charges after police say she intentionally rammed a burning pickup into the front porch of a man’s home. No one inside the house in the 15000 block of Illinois Routes 111/267 south of Brighton was injured, but the structure was damaged extensively. Jersey County Sheriff Mark Kallal says the woman and the home’s owner “had a relationship that was on the outs.”

I mean I might call up a girl and ask “why?”  Hell I might even beat down her door to get some answers.  But frustration has never lead me to driving a pick up truck through her home.  Not to mention lighting said truck on fire.

One thing I will say is this.  Whatever woman did this?  The sex must have been unbelievable.  I mean what “lighting a pick up truck on fire and driving it through a house” kind of a woman wouldn’t be a tiger in the sack?

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