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Nov 18 2009

Clearly This Guy is the Dumbest Husband of All Time

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Look I don’t want to knock on people from Boynton Beach Florida here but really?

Try as she might, investigators say Dalia Dippolito could not get the knack of killing her husband.

Newly released court records allege that before the Boynton Beach woman’s arrest in August on charges of trying to hire a hitman to murder her newlywed spouse, Dippolito had already tried to kill him twice.

When nothing seemed to work, she finally called a close friend and asked for his help in knocking off Michael Dippolito, 38.

You know something?  I’m not blaming Dalia here.  I’m 100% blaming Michael.  Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?  I would think that after the first time your wife tries to kill you that you’d consider leaving her.

I guess after that one Michael realized the couple needed therapy.  What did he think after the second time?  “Eh, she’s probably a little off.”  The third?

If he doesn’t move away at this point, the guy kind of deserves to die.

Check out the whole story at Sun Sentinel

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