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Nov 16 2009

Videos of Sexy Gameshow Girls Doing Stupid Stuff

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Not only are foreign game shows way better than ours, but they over utilize hot chicks.  I mean you can never over utilize but it’s quite evident that the shows have zero purpose other than to show an attractive woman doing something over the top or just plain stupid.

Uh, I have zero problem with this.  I’m just pointing it out.  Japan as always leads the bunch.  But if you travel the globe and check out Italy, Brazil, Germany, and many others you’ll find some awfully sexy gameshow contestants.

Without further interruption, here are videos of sexy gameshow girls doing stupid stuff

Some French Game Show

Big Breasted Model Locked in a Box

Japanese Girls Sumo Wrestle

Seriously,  What the Hell is this?

It’s Limbo Time!

The Underwater Sexy Cam

Sexy Shower time?  Sure, why not

This Chick Goes Nuts

The Boob Surfer Girl

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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