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Nov 11 2009

MLB not Expanding The Use of Instant Replay: Obviously No One Watched the World Series

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Look, I’m a Yankees fan but even I can admit to ridiculous calls that were made not only in the World Series but in the playoffs in general. But as we have it…

There apparently will be no expansion of instant replay in baseball in the near future.

Jimmy Lee Solomon, MLB’s executive vice president of baseball operations, said Tuesday there was no discussion to expand the use of replay in the regular season or postseason at a meeting of the game’s general managers.

The call for more extensive use of replay arose following several missed calls by umpires during the recent postseason

There are two reasons for this and two reasons only.  One, either the GM’s in Major League Baseball did not watch one single postseason game and two:  they fell asleep during every single post season game.

Is it me or did the World Series games run ridiculously late?  I fell asleep at some point during every game.  So it would stand to reason that GM’s have no desire to stay up late thus ignoring instant replay amendments.

However I have a solution to all of this.  Let’s just have a new challenge rule like the NFL.  It would simplify things a great deal.  A manager gets 1 challenge per game and that challenge uses instant replay. Is that so bad?

Case closed.

[Via Cleveland.com]

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