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Nov 04 2009

Wednesday’s Wash: The Penelop Cruz You Like, Sweater Kittens, and Scotland’s Hottest Thing

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Click on the photo to see a topless Penelope

Like Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz is another fantastic actress who proves you can do nude scenes and stay classy.  Yeah I guess.  She’s still topless and it’s still awesome and I still love topless stuff.  Yay!

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The Wash

2009 Edition of Super Sexy Sweater Kittens – [COED Magazine]

The hottest thing to come out of Scotland – [Maxim]

The best towns to live in if you want to die – [Cracked]

A random selection of pictures you will enjoy – [Fun Vids] (NSFW Ads)

Three NFL hit that are actually hurting me right now – [Unathletic]

Presenting the German Douchebag – [The Chive]

By far the best push up bra of Kim Kardashian’s life – [Nextround]

This guy is NOT King of the World – [Attuworld]

Now this is how you budget your Christmas – [Bits and Pieces]

Pania Rose looks amazing in Lingerie – [Sublime Blog]

World series parking lot fight in the Bronx – [Brobible]

Charlie Day shows us how to bust a move – [Tastybooze]

Did you know that Keanu Reeves is immortal? – [Collegehumor]

Funny low fat Alternatives to your favorite foods -  [Top Cultured]

When home alone meets Saw – [Epiccarnival]

Check out these homes that are the size of islands – [Mademan]

Nikki Rockstar would do some dirty things to you – [Flisted]

Just how mischievious are you? – [The Bachelor Guy]

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