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Nov 30 2009

Hottest Girls of the ACC Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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ACC Girls

Click on the photo for the hottest girls of the ACC

Unfortunately I can’t go back to school to have a personal study session with any coeds.  So Maxim figured the best thing they could do was to partner up with Campus Girls USA,  and feature a different conference’s hottest girls.  Works for me.

More Campus Cuties at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Portfolio

Rosie Lola Wow Side Boob Lakin Hotties Jada Hotness

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Nov 30 2009

Fifteen Creatures That Fit on Your Fingers

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Tiny Animals

Awww, isn’t that adorable?  Actually it is

I for one am interested in the big predator type animals that you see on National Geographic.   You know your classic lions, bears, jaguars and such.  It’s simply fascinating to watch these guys hunt and tear flesh.

On the other side of the spectrum are the cute little critters that couldn’t harm a fly.  While they aren’t necessarily badass, it’s pretty cool to see this tiny things on surfaces like a human finger.

Here are 15 of these little guys

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Nov 30 2009

This Video Is the Reason I Don’t Want Children

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My wife and I are starting to talk about kids more lately.  Frankly I think I’d be a wonderful father.   And honestly I think I’m ready to take on that responsibility.

But then it’s like I hang out with a kid for two hours and I’m completely exhausted.  Oh and not to mention I might end up with a kid like this.

You just never know.

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Nov 30 2009

She’s Uncoachable: Sexy South African Kerry McGregor

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Kerry McGregor

Be careful if you do a search on Kerry McGregor because there’s also a Scottish singer with this name who happens to be a paraplegic.    Now I’m not saying anything against those folks, I’m just saying I’m not nearly perverted enough to post erotic pictures of people in wheelchairs.

This Kerry McGregor happens to be a fashion and lingerie model.   And she like most foreign women has dated a soccer player in her day.  I mean come on already will ya?

In any event, Kerry is attractive and I’m pleased to show you her pictures

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Nov 30 2009

Woman Who Runs Truck into House is Not the Type of Woman I’d Date

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We’ve all dated psychos before.  Some women out there just go a little nutty when the relationship isn’t working too well.  Guys are guilty of this too.  We all get angry.  We all do things that we’d probably regret.  But this might be taking it a bit too far….

A Southern Illinois woman faces charges after police say she intentionally rammed a burning pickup into the front porch of a man’s home. No one inside the house in the 15000 block of Illinois Routes 111/267 south of Brighton was injured, but the structure was damaged extensively. Jersey County Sheriff Mark Kallal says the woman and the home’s owner “had a relationship that was on the outs.”

I mean I might call up a girl and ask “why?”  Hell I might even beat down her door to get some answers.  But frustration has never lead me to driving a pick up truck through her home.  Not to mention lighting said truck on fire.

One thing I will say is this.  Whatever woman did this?  The sex must have been unbelievable.  I mean what “lighting a pick up truck on fire and driving it through a house” kind of a woman wouldn’t be a tiger in the sack?

[Via STLtoday]

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Nov 30 2009

Doing a “Cleavage” Search on Youtube Has Its Benefits

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It’s a magical mystical thing.  It’s cleavage and it’s here to stay.   Think about how amazing cleavage is.  Seriously.  I mean even if a female isn’t the most well endowed creature on the earth, she can still get a magic bra, push them up, and off you’re off and running.

How many times have you found yourself thinking a woman is 100 times more hot than she might be because of her keen sense to lower her shirt one inch?  Ladies, take note.  You really have that power over us and it’s not even close.

I’m done here.  Just check out these “cleavage” related searches on youtube results….

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Nov 30 2009

Now These are Some Ridiculous First and Last Names

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Bad Last Names

Thankfully I was blessed with having an extremely Jewish name.  Well put it this way, if someone makes fun of my name it’s because it’s really Jewish and not because it rhymes with Penis or Vagina.

Or even worse contains the words “penis” or “vagina.”  I mean could you imagine going through your whole life with this stuff?  How in the world do these people not change their names?  Are they that proud of being dicks and weiners?  Honestly I don’t get it.

But for all you who do, here are some names you just don’t want….

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Nov 30 2009

Monday Madness: Click-A-Chick, The Tallest Model in the World, and Crazy Sex Tips

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Click on the photo for more girls like Renee here

Well a hearty good morning to you all.  Welcome back!  I’m sure most of you are both fattened up and completely miserable now that you’re back in your offices.  But at least I’m here to make you feel like shit.  Whee!

More hotties to bother you at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Madness

The tallest model in the world gets frisky – [The Chive]

Sex Tips from Cosmo that’ll put you in the hospital – [Cracked]

Alesha Dixon show her panties – [Drunkenstepfather] (NSFW Ads)

Nicole Scherzinger shows she’s not so innocent – [Askmen]

You want hot British chicks?  Here you go – [Nuts]

Hwang Mi Hee makes you want to buy a car – [Guyism]

Nicole Bahls and her boobs went to the beach – [Don Chavez]

Eh, I still want to see Thanksgiving hotties – [Gunaxin]

163 pictures of pure awesomeness – [Gibbs12]

Your lebian fantasy of the month – [Cityrag]

You better shake that money maker – [Sublime Blog]

A remote control bowling ball? – [Attuworld]

I love this woman more than anything – [Flabber]

When really hot chicks pop a squat – [Cavemancircus]

“Rock Band” meets Yoko One – [Collegehumor]

Kim Kardashian keeps getting better – [Nextround]

Seven memorable Tom Cruise bromances – [Regretfulmorning]

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Nov 29 2009

Sunday’s Picture of the Week: This Girl Rules

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I got nothing else to say.  What a trooper

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Nov 29 2009

Sports Sunday: What a 95 Yard Soccer Goal Looks Like

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This one unlike some other fluke goals from that distance looks pretty legit.  Sucks for the goalie though.

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