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Oct 30 2009

Friday’s Funbag: Heather Rae Young, Halloween Scare Tactics, and The Same Sexy Annoying Pose

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Heater Rae

Click on the photo for more of Heather Rae Young

You see that girl up top there?  I will never meet her.  You guys will never meet her.  Most people in this world will never meet her.  Why do I bring this up?  For no reason whatsoever.  I just wanted you all to know that.  Thanks.

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The Funbag

How to REALLY scare people on Halloween – [Cracked]

Hot girl doe same annoying post over and over again – [The Chive]

A collection of weird, whacky, and awesome links – [Ehowa]

A very hot chick from the NBA’s best dance team – [Moegger]

Jimmy Kimmel owns Melissa Joan Hart – [Nextround]

I guess Chase Utley had the right to curse in this video – [Brobible]

Probably a place you don’t want to go on a first date – [Attuworld]

Just in case you missed all the hump day hotties – [Funtasticus]

Inner monologue of a guy on a party cruise – [Holytaco]

The ultimate male experience: A Beer Bath – [DJ Mick]

One of the best protester signs of all time – [Theospark]

A tribute to hot girls in referee outfits – [Regretfulmorning]

Eighty Sexy pictures of Shakira – [Cavemancircus]

It’s the celebrity cameltoe fright fest! – [Cityrag]

Happy 15th anniversary annoying banner ads! – [Flisted]

A collection of natural hangover cures – [Mademan]

This Jojo singer chick is really developing into a hottie – [Epiccarnival]

Looking for hot chicks? – [Takeareport]

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Oct 29 2009

NBA Courtside Hotties Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more NBA Courtside hotties

As many of you know, the NBA season is officially underway this week.  And you know what that means.  Well other than refs siding with Vegas it means that there will be a pleathora of sexy fans waiting for us to gawk at them on the sidelines.  Isn’t that nice?

More things to gawk at on Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Portfolio

Marisa Miller Jakki Phillips Emma Nurse Hottie Sexy Decker

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Oct 29 2009

An Edible Bacon Lamp

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Bacon Lamp Shade

I think at this point the internet world is well aware of people’s obsession with Bacon.  It’s like this little faction that is in fact huge.  More and more people are coming out of the woodwork and more and more zany bacon projects are being fired off.

The latest in bacon greatness?  It’s gotta be the Edible Bacon Lamp.  I mean can you imagine the odors this thing must emit?  Amazing.

Check out it’s evolution from beginning to end after the jump

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Oct 29 2009

Japanese Sesame Street? I’m In

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Bert and Ernie are trying to teach English in Japan.  Look at these guys!  Look at them.   Japan is the best country in the entire world and I really don’t think it’s remotely close.

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Oct 29 2009

She’s Uncoachable: The Seldomly Clothed Virginie Caprice

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Virginie Caprice

Well I guess it’s hard to cloth yourself when your job is to fellate men for a living.   Still though, Virginie Caprice is a stunner whether she’s nude or not.   Her real name is Virginie Gervais and she won FHM’s “High Street Honeys” contest in 2005.  Yay!

Unfortunately I don’t think she’s performed in too many skin flicks but fortunately that might mean she needs a new manager.  Virginie, I’m around and would certainly consider “Uncoached Porn” with you being our first attraction.

More of Virgnie after the jump

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Oct 29 2009

Is This The Face of a Woman Who WOULDN’T Spit on a Cop?

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I mean come on guys, this can’t be more obvious can it?

A 44-year-old woman hurled death threats and racial slurs at a deputy and said her father belonged to the KKK after she was stopped Wednesday morning for making an illegal left, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Julie Edwards Hubbard, of Crescent City, was arrested on charges of corruption of a public servant or family by threat, battery on a law enforcement officer and obstructing an officer without violence

Let’s face it team, one look at this woman and you’ve gotta be thinking one of two things: Complete Dyke or “Kind of Woman that would spit in your face.”

I’m pretty sure there’s no in between here.

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Oct 29 2009

If You Don’t Think Your Parents Were Cool Back in Their Day Then This Video Will Prove you Wrong

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Granted my parents are white but still….This is simply glorious.  Let’s face my generation.  These are our parents and they are 100 times cooler than we’ll ever be.

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Oct 29 2009

The 10 Hottest Women from Cuba

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How about a little spice?  How about a little Salsa?  How about a little Fidel?  If there’s one reason to be a communist it would have to be Cuban women.  Whatever pent up energy these ladies have about a society that lets you get away with nothing, is certainly utilized on energy on the dance floor and luscious tushies.

Personally I think it’s time I took a visit to this country.  Sure I might be shot but if I ever got to meet up with any of these 10 women it would certainly make my trip.

Here are the 10 hottest women from Cuba with links to more of their pictures.

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Oct 29 2009

A Collection of Awesome Offbeat Sports Dives

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When you think of amazing dives in sports, it’s usually of the Football or Baseball kind.   And on occasion you’ll have some dedicated NBA guys who will make the effort and dives into the stands for loose balls (you don’t see it like you used to with dudes like Oakley, Barkley, and Rodman).

But what about other sports from around the world?  There are times when players dive in sports you wouldn’t think there’d be much diving in.  Or rather, you probably just don’t search for these kinds of guys much.

In any event, here are 7 unconventional sports diving videos

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Oct 29 2009

Thursday’s Throwdown: Beautifully Busty Japanese Babes, Tila Tequila, and Phillies Fans On Cab

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Click on the photo to view more busty Japanese girls

We’ve all heard the stereotype that Asian women only come in the small breast variety. But if the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that that is a complete misconception. In fact, some of the bustiest babes we’ve ever seen come from The East, specifically Japan.

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The Throwdown

What Tila Tequila would be doing without the Internet – [Cracked]

Crazy Phillies fan falls off a cab – [Totally Crap]

Badass shark bites another shark in half – [Asylum]

Sexy “Where the Wild things Are” girl revealed – [The Chive]

Seven stupid yet funny ads for your penis – [Regretful Morning]

Porn star answers questions about the porn business – [Brobible]

I do like the sound of a hot chick time lapse – [Break]

The new queen of eroticism is Denise Milani – [Attuworld]

The 25 hottest celebrity Halloween costumes – [Guyism]

Hot Girls dressed up like Princess Leia – [Cavemancircus]

Vanessa Arias is just extaordinarily hot – [Sublime Blog]

15 Vampire films that are actually kind of funny – [Bullzeye]

You might not want to update Facebook Profiles with STDs – [Flisted]

Britney Spears looks pretty good without a bra – [Cityrag]

I always forget how hot model Laetitia Casta is – [Mademan]

This might be the best fridge ever – [Tastybooze]

A lovely collection of Victoria’s Secret hotties -[Richandbrainless] (NSFW Ads)

When you need a fix of hot chicks – [Takeareport]

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