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Oct 30 2009

I Am 100% on the Cop’s Side Here

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Dude!  Dude!  Give me a break.  You’re a little prick skateboarder who was going to be let go and you call the guy a dick?  Come on man.  This whole Citizens joining in?

Kind of makes me wish that a bunch of cops with Billy Clubs showed up to whoop some citizen ass.

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  • lizzy

    I absolutely 100% agree with the cop! A very decent guy doing his job!

  • stew

    Amazing how peoples perceptions of things they have no business being involved is tainted so easily because a “big bad cop” was harassing a bunch of kids. Fk’n hoodlums.

  • rikha

    Vid didn’t show all of encounter but what was there looked like:

    Decent cop 1

    Clueless moron 0

  • Chris

    Wow…another reason added to the long list of reasons not to visit SF. Friggin hippies man…I really don’t know how anyone puts up with them. That cop kept his cool…very professional, especially considering the circumstances.

  • mtnplay

    Seriously, prick kids, prick bystanders, the guy has a tough enough job as it is, he is being called to check the scene. Idiots, I thought the cop stayed pretty calm about this, he could have called for backup, but he didnt. He knew that would inflame the situation further.

  • scubertus

    so, call a guy a dick, get threatened to have your arm broken, get handcuffed, have your personal property taken away, get kicked into a car that will take you to jail. and all he did was call him a dick. yeah, that’s not overreacting to an immature punk’s statement.

  • runwater

    They were all breaking the law in the first place, he could have arrested them all but he was being a nice guy. And that asshole kid didn’t just call him a dick, it was “fucking dick”. He was right to take his skateboard away, it’s his job. I’m sure those bystanders were the ones who called it in so they must have had a problem with those kids anyway. This is why I can’t be a cop, I wanted to beat the shit out of that kid just watching it.



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