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Oct 29 2009

The 10 Hottest Women from Cuba

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How about a little spice?  How about a little Salsa?  How about a little Fidel?  If there’s one reason to be a communist it would have to be Cuban women.  Whatever pent up energy these ladies have about a society that lets you get away with nothing, is certainly utilized on energy on the dance floor and luscious tushies.

Personally I think it’s time I took a visit to this country.  Sure I might be shot but if I ever got to meet up with any of these 10 women it would certainly make my trip.

Here are the 10 hottest women from Cuba with links to more of their pictures.

Aylin Mujica


She’s a Cuban born actress and model.   She works for Telemundo and I would certainly pay to watch her.

More photos

Odette Yustman


Actress. Hot. Hi.

More photos

Cubana Lust


Admit it, you like this chick.  She’s a hip hop booty model and I like that tush.

More Pictures

Daisy Fuentes


She never looked like that on MTV, or ever for that matter.

More pictures

Natalie Martinez


Actress who is know for being Jennifer Lopez’s spokesmodel.  She also dates a dude who is like 15.

More Pictures

Vida Guerra


We all know here.  Booty girl.  Hot.  Latina.  Yay!

More Pictures

Jamillette Gaxiola


Miss Cuban something.  Miss Universe something.  Hot.

More Pictures

Eva Mendes


Cuban American.  That’ll work.  I absolutely love her face.

More Pictures

Odalys Garcia


Who the hell is this chick?  I think she’s my favorite.

More Pictures

Mayra Veronica


People confuse her for Vida Guerra but she’s much better looking.

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