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Oct 28 2009

Great Examples of When Fans Get out of Control and Arrested at Sporting Events

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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing a fan running onto the field at a sporting event, it’s an awesome site to see.  Of course I’d never have the balls or stupidity to try a stunt like that, but it’s pretty damned entertaining to say the least.

What’s even better is when you witness a fan “altercation” in the stands.  I love it when the cops have to drag someone’s ass out of there.  Even better when it’s a couple of hot chicks who’ve had one too many.

In the fine tradition of moronic fans, here are great examples of when fans get out of control and arrested at sporting events

Detroit Lions Girls Don’t Mess Around

Chick get Booted at a Red Sox Game

Guy Gets Worked at a Redskins Game

Drunk Fan Rushes Triple H at a Wrestling Match

Drunk Yankees Fans get Arrested

Red Sox Fan Tackled on the Field

Brewers and Cubs Fans get Into It

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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