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Oct 26 2009

Amazing Toys From Childhood That I Should Buy Right Now

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Childhood Toys

I have no idea what this is but it looks awesome

It’s not like I make a lot of money these days.  However, I’m pretty sure if I scraped together some coin I could probably buy a bunch of awesome toys from my youth in one shot.  And how awesome would that be?  Seriously.

When you think about it, wouldn’t you rather have Power Wheels than roll around in your leased clunker?  I would.   Wouldn’t you rather have a Madball in your desk than a stress ball?  I would.

Eh whatever.  The point is that I miss many of these guys and hope to someday find a place for them in my home

Thanks to the folks at Something Awful for some of these contributions

Remote Control Cars

Childhood Toys

I don’t need anything fancy.  Hell I even liked the ones where the wires were still attached.

Muscle Men

Childhood Toys

For some reason I used to think these guys grew underwater.  Remember how they came in little garbage cans?  These things were awesome.

Swivel Something

Childhood Toys

I don’t even remember the name for this thing but man were they fun.  I’d love to zoom around NYC in one of these.

Any Kind of Power Wheels

Childhood Toys

These are WAY better than real cars.

 Plain Water Gun

Water Gun

I’m not talking Super Soakers or any of the sophisticated stuff they have these days.  Just a plain water gun will do.

Childhood Toys

These. Were.  Awesome.


Childhood Toys

Doesn’t really matter what kind of Legos.  The point is Legos.


Childhood Toys

A little scary looking but it was always so much fun to have a catch with these things.

Speak and Spell

Childhood Toys

Man I’d give anything just to hear that voice on last time.


Childhood Toys

I’d take this over Megan Fox any day of the week.

Pogo Ball

Childhood Toys

These were amazing.  Period.  I used to practice on these things for hours.


Childhood Toys

Again, just to hear that sound one last time.

Water Toys

Childhood Toys

Not sure what these are really called but you know what I’m talking about.  Those toys where you push that button and the water whooshes around and you try to get a ring onto something.  Those were awesome.

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