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Oct 22 2009

This Might Be the Best Star Trek Photo Ever

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Star Trek

I say we have a little caption contest here shall we?

I’m gonna go with “Mr Sulu, only you can help me with this one buddy”

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  • http://crazydribble.com CrazyOldie

    “Score! We’re gonna party on the enterprise tonight!…Maybe Scotty can beam this up me first”

  • Santa

    “What do you mean, ‘Takes one to know one?’ “

  • Jim El

    Spock: “Captain, I’m afraid that cannot fit.”


  • Jim El

    Angry Giant in background: “Aaaaallright, who took my wang?”

    Kirk: “If I can’t see him, he can’t see me.”

  • Natty

    Solid addition. How about “So this is what happened to John Holmes eh?”

  • Jim El

    Kirk: “This…by FAR…is the biggest…BEST…ever Captain’s Log.”

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  • Prowlin’ Greg

    “Captain, Ye cannot change the laws of physics!”

  • On the Mark

    Are you sure this is the one you want, Ohura?

  • http://puffdoggydaddy.livejournal.com/ Puff

    Where did that damned Earthling go with the power core to my sex drive?

  • Eric

    Kirk’s improvised weapon probably proved more intimidating than his phaser.

  • Jim El

    “Who needs a cloaking device,” Kirk said, grinning, “when I got a poking device.”



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