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Oct 13 2009

Video Evidence as to Why You Do Not Mess with Police Dogs

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Police Dog

First of all I wouldn’t mess with any dog let alone a Police Dog.    Traditionally police dogs are used to apprehend suspects or chase them in case the cop is a complete fat ass and can’t get them him or herself (I would imagine this to be the case quite often here in New York).   In other cases police dogs are used to detect drugs and other illegal substances with an odor.

Police dogs are tough as nails and are trained to kill.  Like any other military personnel you do not want to mess with these guys when they get pissed.

To show you how tough these animals are, I’ve found seven videos showing these bad boys in action

Harder he Fights the Harder he Bites

Takes down a criminal

This is Incredible

Freeway Criminal Pwned by Dog

In the Middle of a Football Game

Israeli Dog is Badass

Military Dog Attack in Iraq

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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