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Oct 09 2009

Friday’s Funbag: A Bunch of Sexy Cowgirls, U of F Superfans, and Sleepwalking Tales

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Click on the photo for 25 sexy cowgirls

In case you guys haven’t heard my theory on the whole cowboy hat thing, it’s quite simple.  ONLY hot girls should wear cowboy hats.  Got it?  OK great!  Let’s move on.  And by the way, Jenn Sterger is certainly allowed to wear a cowboy hat.

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The Funbag

Sexy University of Florida Super Fans – [COED Magazine]

Insane things people have done while sleepwalking – [Cracked]

Sperm might actually slow the aging process – [Asylum]

Drag Queen kicks thugs asses in a street fight – [Totally Crap]

Four really hot girls who I didn’t know – [Theospark]

This girl is a real cutie, period (with cleavage) – [Deaddog]

Nine very entertaining mascot fights – [Cavemancircus]

Woman exposes herself to football players and more – [Blog of Hilarity]

The top ten things girls think are cute but aren’t – [Gunaxin]

Have you even seen what Kevin Federline looks like? – [Flisted]

Louise Glover is the hottest woman on the planet – [Bullzeye]

Nicole Eggert is back on Baywatch – [Attuworld]

22 All-Time repeatable Vince Vaugn lines – [Nextround]

if she’s a former Bong girl, chances are she’s hot – [On205th]

Another three hotties who you definitely don’t know – [Don Chavez]

11 alternate dinosaur extinction theories – [Collegehumor]

What is up with Slvester Stallone’s tattoo? – [Cityrag]

Danielle Harrington gives me a funny tingle – [Gorillamask]

Scarlett Johansson in Rolling Stone – [Me and Isis]

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