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Oct 05 2009

Miss 50 Bikini Contest is Impossible To Believe

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Miss 50 Bikini

I’ve checked this out on at least 20 sites.  Every single one of them claiming that this contest is real.  In Las Vegas apparently there’s a bikini contest for women that are 50-years-old and over.  The women have to have proof of age in order to enter the contest.  So if in fact these women are really over 50 then I really only have one thing to say.

Any woman that complains of being fat, having menopause, or does any type of whining about anything pertaining to their body that doesn’t have some sort of weight gaining disease or metabolism deficiency has absolutely zero excuse from this point forward to not at least try to look good.

Wow.  These women are a true blessing.

*And yes, I just found out this is total crap.  NONE of these women are 50.  Still though, they are hot.

Yes, some are Grandmas

Miss 50 Bikini

She’s in better shape than your daughter

Miss 50 Bikini

Menopause Rules

Miss 50 Bikini


Miss 50 Bikini

Fiber One!

Miss 50 Bikini

The Golden Girls

Miss 50 Bikini

Fried Green Tomatoes!

Miss 50 Bikini

Mary Poppins!

Miss 50 Bikini

Best Side Boob Ever

Miss 50 Bikini


Miss 50 Bikini

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  • Arlo

    Calling BS on this one.

    A search for “Silvercash Tour Over 50″ revealed this:


    Also, just go to the silvercash homepage… nothing mentioned about over 50 that I could see.

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  • http://bikinibeat.org Frosh

    Yeah, sorry this is BS. Two of the girls are Jessica Canizales and Ericka Underwood, both under 30.

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  • Addy

    this article i so sexist it is way past the point of funny.

    “Any woman that complains of being fat, having menopause, or does any type of whining about anything pertaining to their body that doesn’t have some sort of weight gaining disease or metabolism deficiency has absolutely zero excuse from this point forward to not at least try to look good.”

    what the fuck are you on?

    do you see men trying to look good past the age of 50? no.so cut the double standard bullshit, please. These women (even if any of them are the age they say they are) are freaks of nature. I would like all of the supporters of this article wait untill they’re fifty and still see if they can win male modeling competitions.

  • Lisbeth

    @Addy: Dude, take a chill pill. It’s called humor.

  • Jody

    I am not yet 50-years-old, but I’m close. I don’t go around entering biking contests, but I could, I guess. I’m usually guessed to be ten, to over twenty, years younger than I am. In fact, I was recently guessed to be about 20-years-old. I briefly talked to the young women who assumed I was a 20-year-old college student and learned I was essentially the same age as their mothers. I countered with the fact that MY mother, by comparison, is 83-years-old. (They had a hard time believing me, and asked to see i.d.) :-)

    I just try to stay healthy. I eat mostly vegan. I exercise regularly. I have always avoided the sun like the plague (even before dermatologists started warning us in the 70′s about the harmful effects of the sun). And I’m very happily married with a husband who’s still in his 30′s. (Maybe that helps keep me young?)

    I actually have a lot of fun with it. It’s totally okay if I look my age, but since it’s so common for people to think I’m much younger, there’s a lot of opportunity to shock and amuse. I come across people who appear to be about the same age as I am, and then when they make some comment about me not being familiar with some old song or something, I drop the bomb about my age. They’re usually dumbfounded. Many times I’m even older than the person accusing me of being ‘too young to remember.’ It can be hilarious. on occasion.

    One of my favourite litmus tests for age is a show I used to watch, entitled, “The Courtship of Eddy’s Father” (1969, starring Bill Bixby, with the memorable theme song, “Best Friend”). My husband is too young to remember it. (Well, he was only 1-year-old when the series was finally cancelled.) There are, of course, loads of other things I remember from, say, the 60′s, that those in their 20′s and 30′s know nothing about. Even, just recently, at dinner with a couple in their 20′s, my husband and I made some reference to “Marky Mark”, and the adorable little children didn’t know about whom we were discussing. When I said, “Mark Wahlberg,” they finally clued-in. My husband and I found that adorable. …Kids today… ;-)

    It’s fun to ride that fence between being old enough to remember the 60′s, and it being assumed that’s when my mother was probably born. (In fact, my mother was born in the 20′s.) :-)

  • Jody

    Sorry, I should have added that I, too, was a bit skeptical about the photos when I first viewed them, only because of the skimpy bikinis. I have no problem with women showing their bodies if they’re confident and proud of them. It’s just that women who are 50 or older were raised to view this degree of public nudity as unacceptable…no matter how good one may look. As I said in the opening of my my comment, I’m in pretty good shape…I dare say, not too far off the women in the photos…but I wouldn’t enter a bikini contest, regardless. I was raised a bit more ‘old-fashioned’. Bikini contests, especially where the “tops” are nothing more than pasties, is a bit too much for most of my generation, I suspect. Still, I accept that other women my age may be more open to that sort of thing. I would love to see photos from a bikini contest where the participants are confirmed to be over 50. That might be inspirational for me.

  • http://www.bikinideals.com Bikini Deals

    Ya of course these woman are all in their 20′s and 30′s. That would be REALLY awesome tho if they were all over 50 tho. Id love to see a bikini contest for that. Im not into older women or anything I just think it would be unique, and fun, and empowering for older women. I just might have to organize something like that! Maybe I’ll post a blog on this topic to begin organizing a 50+ bikini contest!

  • Derek

    If a woman over 50 has a hot body then she can freely flaunt it in a bikini. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an older women in a bikini or sexy clothes. Most women who resent sexy older women are usually unhappy and out of shape.

  • Jonathan

    Fantastic pictures, if they are over 50…… GREAT, well done to all of you… if they are under 50… who cares.? My beautiful blonde wife is 47 this year & she is just as sexy in a bikini, in fact she is looking better with age… especially her boobs, they dont stop growing !…she would fill one of those bikini pasties no problem, she LOVES posing for the camera… lets hope we are back in Vegas in three years & I’ll dare her to bare he bod too ! Lets hear it for the sexy older woman ! & see more of them too.

  • http://N/A neal


  • Pinewood Publishing

    My wife is over 50 and, at 5′ sexy, looks better than ALL of these women. And the thing with my wife…. she’s Christian and she has the deepest most beautiful soul ever! I would take her over ALL of these women anytime.



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