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Oct 01 2009

Japanese Neon Lamp Fighting….Exactly

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Neon Lamp Fighting

It’s not that I’d given up on the Japanese.  It’s not that I ever thought that they couldn’t top some of the ridiculous stuff that they usually do.  It’s just that I never thought they could take it to new heights in pro wrestling.

Well, shame on me for thinking that.  Here I am all content with backyard wrestling retards and their jumping on chairs and hitting themselves with barbed wire.

But oh me.  I should have known that the Japanese would come up with something called Neon Lamp Fighting.

These guys are amazing


Neon Lamp Fighting

Neon Lamp Fighting

Neon Lamp Fighting

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  • Max King

    A lightweight title fight

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  • Cybertiger

    Are they crazy???? Those lamps have Mercury.

  • douche

    Except that it isnt called NEON LAMP FIGHTING
    It is called Deathmatch Wrestling in japan, and has been around in japan and even america in the form of Ultraviolent Wrestling feds for like 15 years maybe longer. They dont even use Flourescent lights (note: not “neon lamps”) all of the time. They also use Cactus, Razor wire, Razor blades, and even live pirhanas and scorpions.
    If you are interested search for Big Japan Wrestling (BJW).

    I hate you

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  • FighterHayabusa

    Way to not know what the hell you’re talking about. That’s pro wrestling, the death match kind, and is hardly anything new or specific for Japan. It may have originated in Japan but has been going on in the US, Mexico and a variety of other countries for well over a decade.

    There is no such thing as “Neon Lamp Fighting”. Whoever wrote this article is an uninformed moron.



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