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Sep 30 2009

10 Amazingly Pathetic Rap Impersonations

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If anyone remembers seeing the Aries Spears rap impressions video on Youtube then you’ll appreciate what I’m talking about here (if not, it’s posted after the jump).   Doing any kind of impression takes a lot of skill.  And I respect people who can directly represent the person they are imitating.

But I have to say, nothing pisses me off more than when someone completely botches the impersonation but actually thinks they’re good at it.  It’s one thing if you know you suck, but when you’re out there parading like you actually have talent, then it’s truly pathetic.

And friends?  The videos I’ve found here are nothing short of making you want to hit these people square in the penis.

Here are 10 pathetic rap impersonations

Aries Spears is Ridiculously Accurate – This is the Best one Ever

OK, here are the crappy ones

White Guy Impersonating Rappers


I would love to beat this kid up

Blind Lisp

Pharell does not do a good Busta impression

I Don’t Get it

This is actually pretty awesome

The worst impression I’ve ever seen

Whatever this is, it’s crappy

DJ Khaled – Terrible

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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