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Sep 29 2009

NFL Weenie Move of the Week: David Clowney Tweets About No Playing Time

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The New York Jets’ speedy wide receiver was benched by an angry coach Rex Ryan for the team’s game against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday after Clowney complained on Twitter about a lack of playing time

A few hours after the Jets beat New England 16-9 last Sunday, Clowney tweeted: “1 play in the 1st Half, 4 plays in the 2nd half … A bit disappointed about my playing time but very happy and satisfied about the win.”

Clowney added in a subsequent tweet that, “My team always comes first so I’ma just keep grinding.”

Keep grinding huh?  Like going on a social network and writing 180 characters or less on the subject?  What are you kidding me?  In the NBA I could expect this.  Hell, even in major league baseball.  But now we’re getting the toughest men in sport whining about their playing time on Twitter?

Benched?  I’m pretty sure all of the players on the Jets should be hazing the shit out of Clowney.  First of all your name is Clowney.  Second of all I would expect some kind of LOL message or ridiculous string of tweet messages on this guy’s locker.

At the least they should put a large Tweet sticker that says “Pansy” on Clowney’s car.  I don’t think a simple benching by Rex Ryan is enough. I mean there vagina moves and there are vagina moves.

This one is about as menstrual as I’ve seen.

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