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Sep 29 2009

10 Classic Benny Hill Clips

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It’s a shame that The Benny Hill Show didn’t exist in a different era and in our country.   I think that the show would absolutely kick ass today.  Granted probably more than half the skits wouldn’t pass because of the allusion to statutory rape, they’re still funny as hell.

I mean in this crazy crappy economic and serious climate we could use a little immaturity and flat out sexual exploitation.  If you really think about it, in modern day times Benny Hill’s characters would simply be considered big babies who rip off women’s clothes without their consent.

Call me crazy but that sounds like a number one hit to me.

Here are 10 classic Benny Hill Clips

The Hospital

The Lover


Saving a Woman from a tree


Benny Hill and Signorina

The Letter Mixing Game

To Serve and Protect


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