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Sep 28 2009

A Collection of Intense Surfing Wipeouts

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A few weeks ago I just got back from a 12 day trip to Hawaii.   And naturally while I was there I felt compelled to learn how to surf.  I wanted to stand up on a board at least once while out there in the ocean.  I managed to accomplish the feat but I tell ya it was damned hard.  I fell more than I would have like to.

It made me realize how insane some of these big wave guys are.  Sure they’re great at surfing and have tremendous balance and all, but when you see the consequences of making a mistake, it’s pretty brutal.

Here are 8 surfing wipeout videos that are pretty nutty

Denton Chase Surfing Disaster

Hawaii 2007 Wipeouts

This One’s Pretty Bad

Look at the size of this Wave

Big Wave Wipeouts

How does one survive this?

Wipeout Nominees

Wipeout of the Year – Full Back Flip

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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