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Sep 28 2009

20 “Anyone Know Who This Girl is?” Girls

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Nameless Girls

To me there are so many categories of females out there to list that it would be impossible to write it out in a span that took less than 3 weeks.   But of all the types of girls I come across online there’s one type that’s pretty rare.  And that’s the “what’s this chicks name?” type.

Sure we come across hot girls all the time.  However, rarely do we stop at someone so special as to actually take the extra time to email a buddy to see if he knows her name so you can search her online and try to find naked pictures.  Am I right?

So in honor of this girl, here are 20 girls whose names I want to know so I can find more pictures of them.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

Nameless Girls

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  • meow

    no 3 faith nelson web in bed with faith
    no 16 looks like next door nicky

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  • PresonCyder

    The girl pulling up her shirt to flash her black bra boobies looks like Melissa Midwest. That’s all I got.
    But, hopefully, someone can enlighten us to the iden-titties of the rest!

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  • Streicher

    15th girl down in Next Door Nikki. Non-nude modelling crap but she flased her tits on Jerry Springer at some point.

  • http://crazydribble.com Crazy Oldie

    isnt 5th from bottom “next door nikki”?

    Those are some ultimate hotties…hopefully the other readers can throw in some names and find more pics.

  • Bad Horsie

    I think the 4th girl – blonde with huge boobs – is Faith. I think her website is inbedwithfaith.com.

    I have also seen the second chick before, maybe naked, but don’t know her name.

  • Ryan

    #9 isn’t a porn star or internet star or anything. Name is Shannon Moretti, and she’s from Chicago. I know her, very large chest, and very small.

  • Billy Bob

    The girl in pink in picture #7 is in Odessa, Ukraine. That bridge she is standing on gives it away. I know the area. And if there is EVER a p[lace you need to be, it is In odessa ukraine on a saturday at the Black sea. Great place.

  • pwnedkjc

    the last three are the only ones that matter.

    answers… now!

  • Borked

    The 2nd to last one (with the paint roller) is Ashton Von.

  • zozo

    9th up from the bottom is known only as “Anna” from mcnudes.

  • Carby

    Post the pics in 4chan, specifically /b/, with the request “Get” and they’ll find lots for you.

  • Bryan

    Next door nikki has a porn site, but most of the stuff you see online is non-nude.

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  • Mike

    9th chick down is Shannon Figa. Google her and you’ll find TONS of her pics

  • freddy

    number three..i do not know her name but i used to live accross the street from where she is being photo’d the place is called LaPlays and it is next to/attached to Shooters in Ft Lauderdale it is on N32nd Ave. They have a hot body comp every Sunday and I can tell you that as hot as u think this girl is .she couldn’t even get into the contest. The most incredible girls around are at this place on Sundays. If you go anywhere in Florida start here and you will never leave! the hot body comp is only on Sundays but it is always crawling with perfect ladies all week all month all year!!!! oh and the girl that the one guy named is ashton von but her real name is Nicole and she goes by Renee and used to be hot (she was a camwhore since she was 14) now she has a kid and looks like white trash now…what a shame!

  • freddy

    sorry for the typo…the place is called La Playa not La Plays!

  • Jangla

    @freddy – she may have been over to the States for a while but she’s a UK bird. Definitely faith from inbedwithfaith.com and now she has a hardcore site too.

  • joncoached

    We NEED the first girl…the one in black after the paragraph.

  • Biggun

    I know a dude that went out with the pink bikini top #3 and he said she’s a prick tease…..no action just grind and then no action. She’s certainly got the body but who needs a prick tease when you look like that……that’s just so wrong!

  • john

    The 5th girl or the 4th girl down on the list is named andrea rincon.

  • Tom

    “We NEED the first girl…the one in black after the paragraph.”

    Agreed. I’ve seen that picture before, and it’s simply amazing. Looks a lot like a friend of mine (though I know it isn’t).

  • hoppy

    who is the very first girl in the yellow shirt with light brown hair. if u know who she is can i get her number please…WOW

  • LJSearles

    1st gal, Selena Gomez

    #7 Felomena



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