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Sep 23 2009

Wednesday’s Wash: Good Things Come in 3′s, Simpson Fan Tributes, and Federline’s Towel

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Click on the photo for three girls at a time

I’m not sure if the phrase “good things come in 3′s” is all that accurate.  But I will say that 3 hot girls is certainly better than one.  Especially when you’re looking at pictures of said women.  And especially when they lick each other.  That always helps.

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The Wash

The creepiest Simpsons fan tributes – [Cracked]

I think that Kevin Federline’s towel might be holding him up – [OMGblog]

40 percent of women can’t keep secrets – [Asylum]

Katy Perry is busty and wet while filming something – [NS4W]

By far the best keytar player in the world – [Supertremendous]

Ashley Green had some sexy Maxim outtakes – [Laxtime](NSFW Ads)

Does it get any hotter than Josie Moran? – [Leenks]

The sexy new my humps dance routine – [Break]

By far my favorite female drummer ever – [Deaddog]

An extremely annoyed porn store clerk – [Cavemancircus]

When kids make it all right – [Cityrag]

Russians and their reality show beatdowns – [Flisted]

In case you miss college chicks who party a lot – [Funtasticus]

Gary busey tried to talk about his new movie – [Attuworld]

ESPN hires a former bikini model…which is good – [Nextround]

In case you missed the daily female objectification – [Blog of Hilarity]

I guess any video with a hot chick works for me – [Flabber]

An interview with Ed O’Neill, AKA Al Bundy – [Bullzeye]

Ten accidents on Google Street view – [DJ Mick]

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