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Sep 23 2009

Five Examples of When Reporters Take on Hurricanes

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What are you willing to do to boost your career?  If you’re an aspiring anchor man or woman on CNN, would you be willing to go into the middle of the street during 80MPH winds?   Well that’s what some of these people do (and for whatever reason Geraldo Rivera as well).

Perhaps it’s thrill seeking or perhaps it’s sheer stupidity but I guess someone has to cover the news when a hurricane is causing damage to a town.  Personally I can’t imagine having to travel around into the worst weather conditions imaginable.  And then go outside no less.

But these five brave souls gave it a shot.  Unfortunately for them, the hurricane decided to push them around a little bit…

Geraldo Rivera Falls from Hurrican IKE

You gotta love Geraldo.  Guy has been everywhere.  On every network.  He takes everybody on, including storms.

Stupid CNN Reporter

And yes I must agree with the title here.  Pretty damned stupid.

Weatherman Completely blown away

That was most definitely a hell of a surge my man.

Weathergirl bites the SUV

I have to admit this was pretty funny.  I hope she didn’t break her nose or anything like that.  Still though, it’s funny.

Compilation of CNN Reporters


I guess it’s not always great to have a job with CNN.

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