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Sep 22 2009

10 Reasons You Should Go to a Playboy Party

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I was trying to think of an idea for an article that would make me miserable.   I guess sometimes we all need a reminder that there’s always someone out there having a much better time than you.  And believe me, this isn’t to depress all of you (though it should accomplish that), it’s to make you work harder.

It’s to say, “if I apply myself perhaps I could get into all the cool parties.”  Or perhaps this is just an exercise into how much I suck.  Either way there’s no getting around how amazing Playboy parties are.

As if you really need a reason.  Here are ten reasons (video reasons) why you should go to a Playboy party.

Kim Kardashian Gives Commentary

Haunted Halloween 2008

After Hours Young Hollywood

Bikini Party

Playboy’s Pajama Party

Inside the Grotto

Playboy’s Pool Party in Vegas

Sagamore Hotel is like Spring Break

Jayde Nicole’s All-girl Playboy Bunny House Party

The Art of Seduction Playboy Party

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