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Sep 22 2009

10 Non Pornographic Pictures I’m Willing to Bet Bob Saget Has Masturbated To

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Bob Saget

Bob Saget is one of those guys that you can’t help but think “how the hell is this guy successful?”  And it’s been made abundantly clear at his Comedy Central Roast that his peers touched upon this very subject.

And while I don’t know the man personally it sure sounds like he’s a pretty twisted dude.  I actually like Bob Saget but do think the man tends to be disgusting just for the sake of being disgusting (those of you who saw his stand up special might know what I mean).   And let’s face it.  When you play a dude like Danny Tanner, you just know this guy while seeminly straight as an arrow, has got some major skeletons in his closet.

So in the honor of doing something that I’d bet Bob Saget would do about himself, I decided to find ten pictures that the tall goofy looking guy has more than likely masturbated to at least once in his lifetime.

The Obvious Choice

Bob Saget

Oh Come on.  Coulier was such a cutie!

Bob Saget

I don’t think it’d even be worth Bob’s time if the long hair and leather jacket weren’t involved


I mean who wouldn’t masturbate to this picture?

Bob Saget


Bob Saget

She’s all growns up and she’s all growns up and she’s all growns up

Bob Saget

Probably the highlight of the Comedy Central Roast

Bob Saget


Bob Saget

OK well maybe one without the leather jacket

Bob Saget

Well you gotta give it up for the good old days

Bob Saget

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