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Sep 18 2009

Nine People Without Arms who Do Amazing Things

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We as humans imagine scenarios in our heads and have conversations about if things were different in our lives.  For example we’ve all had the debate about which you’d rather be:  blind or deaf.  And when you see folks without limbs you try to imagine how these people feel and how they function.  It’s a natural reaction and debate to have.

Well I just came across some amazing people who not only moved on, but make the absolute best of their circumstances.  It’s truly inspirational.  So the next time you are sitting on your ass and can’t make it to the gym because Beverly Hills 90210 reruns are on, think of these nine people.

Here are nine people who do amazing things without the use of their arms.

Armless Pilot

Armless and Legless Wrestler

Armless Volleyball Player

Armless Olympic Swimming Champion

Armless Guitarist

Armless DJ

Armless Fitness Competitor

Armless Calligraphist

Armless Bowler Gets a Strike

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