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Sep 16 2009

The Crap you Don’t Want to See Your Lady Doing to Her Face

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Putting on Makeup

I guess you could say us guys have it kind of easy.  My preparations for getting ready on a Saturday evening entail taking a shower, putting on a t-shirt and jeans, and maybe having to tie my shoelaces.  When I’m feeling really important I might wear a button down, possibly shave, or even put a tiny bit of gel in my hair.

But women?  Phew.  Thank God I’m not one of them.  The stuff these people go through just to get prepared to go out for a few hours is ridiculous.  And the funniest part is that if they don’t do this, guys like you and me will be 100% pissed because in all honestly the ladies won’t look as good.

Kind of a catch 22.  It’s annoying how long it takes for your woman to get ready.  You also do NOT want to see what goes on back there, yet we need these activities for attraction.

Here’s some of the crap you don’t want to see your lady doing to her face

Putting on Makeup

Whenever possible, try to avoid watching your women do her Nair routine.  Thankfully my wife covers up and is completely ashamed if I’m within 10 feet of her when she’s applying this stuff.

Putting on Makeup

This literally looks like something out of Clockwork Orange.  Thankfully it’s not squeezing her eyeball out of the socket.  This thing is used to curl eyelashes.  Still though.  I’ll bet you can do some damage with that instrument.

Putting on Makeup

Every time I see a picture like this I want to vomit.

Putting on Makeup

Plucking the eyebrows.  It’s definitely painful but necessary.

Putting on Makeup

It’s really never a fun moment when you catch your woman looking like this.  I don’t care how hot they are, they look really ugly when applying eyeshadow.  It’s unavoidable.

Putting on Makeup

Yeah this makes sense.  Facial masks.  I’d only prefer my own brand of facial thank you very much.

Putting on Makeup

Again.  Ugly faces when applying makeup.

Putting on Makeup

No clue what this is but I’m going to puke anyway.

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