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Sep 14 2009

Serena Williams and Michael Jordan: Class Acts

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Anyone catch these two over the weekend?  First it’s Michael Jordan in giving what I would consider to be the most arrogant and spiteful acceptance/inductee “speech” I’ve ever seen.  First five minutes of it was half decent.  I mean you knew the guy was cocky, even a little funny at times.

But then?  Then Jordan goes on and on just bashing people and continuously trying to prove people wrong?  I mean what people are there to prove wrong dude?  You’ve been told you are the best player of all time like 7 million times.  Now you’re in the hall of fame.  What the hell else do you need buddy?

How about thanking your family instead of saying “I’d hate to be you?”  How about thanking your teammates other than just Scott Pippen?  I mean you don’t have to literally feel greatful but the class move is to be humble up there.  Thank people, not tell stories of your “fire” and what sparked it.  I mean mention the fire but for God’s sake be gracious up there.

And Serena Williams?  Whining about a foot fault?  Face it, Clijsters is back in tennis and I’m glad someone could challenge you.  Sit down, shut up, and take the loss.

Very poor weekend for these two.  They should be ashamed of themselves.

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