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Sep 10 2009

She’s Uncoachabe: Elisabetta Canalis Is Worth Another Look

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Eilsabetta Canalis

It’s been over a year since I posted Elisabetta Canalis.  And I have to say, that’s probably a little too long.  Not many women have the esteemed privilege of a repeat on this site but the new lady of Sir George Clooney is certainly a viable candidate.

It actually disturbs me a little bit how hot this woman is.  It’s just not good to be around someone this attractive.  How in the world do you focus on anything but her?  Personally I would find it impossible.

While I try and gather my thoughts I hope you enjoy the pictures you are about to see.  She’s a joke.

More Elisabetta after the jump

Eilsabetta Canalis Eilsabetta Canalis Eilsabetta Canalis Eilsabetta Canalis Eilsabetta Canalis Eilsabetta Canalis Eilsabetta Canalis Eilsabetta Canalis Eilsabetta Canalis

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  • Cocaine sisters: Paris and Elisabetta

    Yes, in older photoshopped pics before she had her plastic jugs removed and before the chain smoking, she was kind of pretty. But you can find plenty of photos of her looking like something the cat dragged in. And now with her being implicated in a prostitution ring that involved mega cocaine usage, you can be sure her split second of so-called fame is over. Just think how the weekend of Emmy’s 2010 will bring the conversation to a halt because of the whole cocaine scandal and how that will be the only thing anyone wants to ask Elisabruta is about her own cocaine usage. One gets the feeling that just because Clowney wants her to fulfill her end of the contract and pushes her along to attend these stupid events with him that in the end she will be just like Sarah Larson – looking like a complete idiot and escort that she is and will have to do something extreme to separate her from George Clooney’s name, lest she be soiled for life. Just google Sarah Larson and see what comes up. That crazy ho partied and no-doubtedly did the same drugs and she was so obviously an escort because it was just weeks or months later that the whole Rachel Uchitel VIP hostess/escort scandal came out. Clooney has been “lucky” in that his PR team has mildly successfully skirted around a lot of his own scandal and bad behavior but everyone’s predicting a major disgrace of him and his bad choices tomorrow at the Emmy’s. If he was smart, he would stay home, claiming he wasn’t feeling well because you know the press is going to slam him and Elisabetta with cocaine questions and there is nothing clever that he will be able to say to convince the masses that he’s not doing it himself. Look at what mess they were at the Oscars.



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