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Sep 09 2009

Ah Yes, The Things Alcohol Does: 10 Excellent Drunken Fails

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We’ve all been there.  Each and every one of us has gotten drunk to the point where we do extremely silly things.   I’ve walked on top of cars in broad daylight and completely fell off of one landing right on my elbow.  When you think about it, I easily could have landed on my head possibly killing me.  When I look back I realize how completely moronic it was but still, it was pretty fun at the time.

We’re all idiots when we’re drunk.  It’s just a question of how dumb and how out of control we actually get.  I’d like to think I’m pretty in control with a few in me.  But some people?  Some people just fail left and right.  And quite humorously I might add.

And here are 10 videos that are really awesome

Awesome Vomit in Trash Can

Drunk Guy Confuses Pants with Shirt

Drunk Guy Falls on a Hill

Trying to Drink a Breathalyzer

Ready in the Place

Wow.  I mean Wow

Drunk Lithuanian Ice Diver

Punch Fail

Check out this guy in the Background

Typical Face Plant

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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