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Sep 07 2009

The Worst Figure Skating Pairs Accidents

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People make fun of figure skating all the time.  You got the funny outfits and usually the men are subjects of ridicule.  But what one has to realize is that the sport is way more dangerous than people think.  You’re talking about hard ice and throwing a woman 15 feet in the air.  If she falls, it’s major trouble.

And I’m not talking about singles competition.  Those falls are generally pretty humorous.  Most times a person will trip, lose their balance, or simply land wrong on a jump.  They get up, we laugh, and we move on.

But with pairs?  The risk is much greater.  The man has got a ton of responsibility and the consequences could be dire if he screws up.

Check out the worst figure skating pairs accidents

Ouch – Minute .51

Jessica Dube gets hit by her partners skate

Now this is a hefty fall

I Don’t like the Youtube title of this video

A Tough to Watch Compilation Video

Slow Motion

Well this is just Embarassing

Totmianina and Marinin – Minute 2.10

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