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Sep 04 2009

The 5 Most Annoying Sounds I Have To Hear in My Relationship

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Any of you dudes out there in relationships will truly appreciate where I’m coming from here.  I love my wife.  I’ve loved my wife for quite some time and I will continue to love her until she pisses me off enough that I might consider smacking her around a little bit (just kidding honey).

But in all seriousness, no matter how much you love your significant other, there will be things that always piss you off about them.  It’s just the way life is.  You live with someone long enough and they’re bound to annoy you in one way or another.

One of the biggest annoyances I face is sound.  Yes, sound.  All around I got a nice little woman on my hands, but damn if I don’t want these 5 sounds to be chopped from existence


Blow Dry

I think it’s possibly the most annoying sound in the entire world.  There are two times I hear this noise the most.  The first is when my wife is getting ready to go out.  9 times out of ten I’ll be watching television and what happens?  Of course, I can’t hear a damned thing anymore.  So I put the volume on full blast and then when the hairdryer goes off?  The volume is still on full blast.  The second time I hear it is in the mornings when I’m just getting underway to write these articles.  It’s truly brutal.



Kind of the same thing as the hairdryer.  But I will say that this noise is heard a hell of a lot less often.  Why is that?  Oh because like most women my wife doesn’t exactly love to clean.  So while the noise of the buster is terrible, I know that when it’s on, at least the woman is cleaning…as she should be.

The Text Message Beep


Anyone else have a talkative girlfriend or wife?  As most of us males know, the female race is quite chatty.  And with the advent of text messaging they can now annoy us in ways I never thought possible.  Not only is the sound of the actual typing of a text message annoying, but when you get a string of like 20 messages in a row you constantly have to hear the text alert sound.  And I don’t care how many different sounds you try, they all become annoying.



My wife is a good sleeper.  So good in fact that she has 3 alarms set all within 2 minute intervals of each other.  I swear to God by the third time this thing goes off I’m ready to throw her phone out the window.



OK, I’m glad you’re making a health shake.  I really am.  But do you really have to blend something for over 5 minutes?  Doesn’t it just take like 30 seconds to blend a drink?  Come on now.  Cut me some slack here.  I’m trying to watch porn on the computer.

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