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Sep 01 2009

The Mypace Toolbox: Another Dude Who Wears Scarves?

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Lenny Lobue

I understand the backwards hat.  Hell I can even understand a tilted hat even though I can’t stand it.  Sure, you want to wear a bandana?  Go ahead.  But what’s with the scarf thing?  Who wears scarves in the middle of the summer?  End of summer.  Any part of summer.

I don’t get this.  I really don’t.  Is it an Italian thing?  Or is it just something people who wear yellow tinted sunglasses do?

I’m done here.

Lenny Lobue Lenny Lobue Lenny Lobue

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2 responses so far

  • Gill

    lol. guy I live in Barbados which is in the caribbean, we don’t get snow furthermore cold weather here. i see idiots here doing this shit, can i send in some pics and turn this segment into a just plain old toolbox piece?

  • James

    I am pretty sure that scarf displays solidarity with the PLO.



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