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Sep 30 2009

Karolina Kurkova Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Karolina is expecting her first kid at the end of Fall and is starting to put her in the “meh, she’s a little chubby but I’d totally tap it” bracket.  Which personally I think is a great bracket to be in.  Not to mention on the top of the MILF chain.

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The Portfolio

Lucy Becker Canalis Hottie Monk Riquelme Kournikova Caprice Milani

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Sep 30 2009

10 Cool Satellite Images of Racetracks

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Satellite Racetrack

Anyone here ever been to a NASCAR or Indy 500 race? While many people hype them up as being amazing events to go to, let me share the truth.  They are amazing in terms of seeing all the white trash in America.  They are amazing in terms of the first 30 seconds.  Yes, it’s pretty cool to hear the roar of the engines.

But honestly after the first 30 seconds it’s just loud noise pollution and you realize it’s cars driving in circles for a few hours.  The only real reason to watch is if there’s a crash.  And to me that’s a little twisted.  Who actually wants people to get hurt?  And yet it’s the only redeeming thing to watch in a race.

In any event, here’s what these races look like from a few thousand miles away.

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Sep 30 2009

The Best Price is Right Boob Bouncing Action Video

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There are no words to describe this.  Just watch.

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Sep 30 2009

She’s Uncoachable: Croatian Singer and Actress Severina Vuckovic

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Severina Vuckovic

Never have I posted a woman based solely on her lips but Severina Vuckovic is the first.  This sex singer from Croatia has the kind of lips where well… you know.  And boy were those babies places on display in her sex tape where she waved to the camera a time or two.

Now why can’t our pop singers do that more often?  Eh, I guess it’s not such a bad thing.  We wouldn’t want Lady Gaga to expose her penis and have young boys throwing up in their mouths across America.

Though I wouldn’t mind a little Jessica Simpson naked wave right?  In any event, Severina needs to make the smooth transition to professional sex tape maker.  It would be a big step for her career.

More of Vuckovic after the jump

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Sep 30 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: I Will Never Understand This..Ever

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1.  Someone please explain this picture to me.

2.  Someone please explain the sticking the tongue out pictures.  I don’t get them.  I never will.  Is it supposed to mean you’re good at oral sex or something?  What the hell is going on here?

3.  Someone please get a pistol so I can put it in my mouth and pull the trigger if this is really the future of our nation.

Duca Duca Duca Duca

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Sep 30 2009

Big Ben to Make a Monday Night Raw Appearance

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Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger will be a guest host on WWE’s Monday Night Raw next week.

Roethlisberger will appear with some of his offensive linemen on the wrestling showcase, just one night after the Steelers entertain the Chargers at Heinz Field

You gotta love the NFL.  These guys make millions of dollars in the most violent sport out there (save for Rugby) and simply get can’t enough.  Instead of spending time with family, let’s just get on out to watch other big grown men who take steroids fake beat the crap out of each other.

The WWE reports that Roethlisberger frequents the circuit’s events with teammates when they visit the Pittsburgh area.

How about a strip club?  How about going out with young college chicks?  OK, these guys do that too.  I guess I’m just really jealous of this ultimate male lifestyle.

Big Ben is the man.

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Sep 30 2009

Now These are What I Call Pizza Toppings: Delivery Woman Gets More Than She Bargains For

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A female pizza delivery worker got more than she bargained for on multiple occasions when she went to deliver food and was met at the door by a man wearing no pants.

Portsmouth Police Lt. Rodney McQuate said the woman delivering the pizza notified police of the man’s actions after it took place four different times.

Um, four times?  I think I’m calling bullshit on this one.  Why in the world would you wait until the 4th time to eventually call the police?  Were the first 3 times not reason enough to get suspicious that the Pizza place didn’t make those meatballs and sausage?

“We went and talked to the guy and they aren’t getting any more pizza delivered there,” McQuate said

Well that’s nice to know.  It’s a good thing he won’t be doing this anymore.

I think this would be a great social experiment by the way.  Wear no pants and get food delivery from the same place.   See how many times it takes before you get the police called on you.

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Sep 30 2009

A Tribute to Sexy Girls Wearing Camouflage

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Camouflage Girls

Let me ask you something.  Does camouflage really work?  I mean don’t get me wrong here, we don’t want our soldiers running around jungles in clown suits and stuff.  And by no means am I suggesting bright orange and red gear while patrolling the desert.  However, let’s face it here.  Wearing some shirt with green and brown can’t really disguise you all that well.

I mean just throw a ton of real leaves and dirt on your face.  Or how about “building” or “tree” camouflage?  Let’s get a little creative here.  And while I bitch about our current state of disguise-wear, I can’t really complain about one great thing that came out of camouflage.

Um, yeah.  That would be sexy girls modeling that kind of outfit.  Whether it’s a hot chick in fatigues or more to the point a bikini, it’s very enjoyable to see a hot chick enjoying little to nothing bits of camouflage.


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Sep 30 2009

10 Amazingly Pathetic Rap Impersonations

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If anyone remembers seeing the Aries Spears rap impressions video on Youtube then you’ll appreciate what I’m talking about here (if not, it’s posted after the jump).   Doing any kind of impression takes a lot of skill.  And I respect people who can directly represent the person they are imitating.

But I have to say, nothing pisses me off more than when someone completely botches the impersonation but actually thinks they’re good at it.  It’s one thing if you know you suck, but when you’re out there parading like you actually have talent, then it’s truly pathetic.

And friends?  The videos I’ve found here are nothing short of making you want to hit these people square in the penis.

Here are 10 pathetic rap impersonations

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Sep 30 2009

Wednesday’s Wash: The Lovely Korrina Rico, Badass Last Words, and Sexy Bow and Arrow Girls

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Korrina Rico

Click on the photo for more of Korrina Rico

Stunning 21-year-old super-hottie, Korrina Rico is a fashion model from West Hollywood, California. But according to her modeling profile, the exotic big-eyed beauty has something against “glamour” style photos, which “show off her goods.”  That’s a shame.

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