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Aug 30 2009

Sports Sunday: Drunk Athlete Ivan Ukhov Not Making his Jump

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In September 2008, Ukhov was not invited to the Grand Prix IAAF meetings, because of actions during a competition in Lausanne held that month. There, he was found to have drunk Red Bull and vodka prior to the competition, not making one single valid jump.

Well that explains this video.  This guy is awesome.

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Aug 29 2009

Sexy Saturday: Just an Incredibly Sexy Model, Eva Wyrwal

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Eva Wyrwal

From Eva’s Website

Eva Wyrwal currently Resides in the UK in a town called Rugby just north of London, although the stunningly beautiful model was originally born in Poland in the town of Kalisz.

Eva at the ripe age of just 19 has already hit the modeling scene hard and made herself noticed, doing shoots for UK Playboy, Busty Brits and The Daily Star.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention.  Most of the modeling that Eva does is nude.  So she’s got that going for her, which is nice.

Pics after the jump

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Aug 29 2009

The Weekend Wash: Click-a-Chick, Movie Trailers Need to Stop, and Ridiculously Hot Bikini Girls

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Click on the photo for a whole bunch of hotties

Here’s something kind of funny.  I’ve been on my honeymoon for the last two weeks but I’ll bet you guys had no idea.  I had worked my ass off to create this illusion of being here.  So just in case you were wondering why all links were a month old,  now you know.

More secrets at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Wash

Five things movie trailers need to stop doing – [Cracked]

They call this ridiculously hot bikini girls – [Break]

What is the most movie-stealing cameo? – [Asylum]

Ashley Greene decided to go braless – [Totally Crap]

Stanley Kubrick’s Dark Side of the Moon – [Attuworld]

Just a whole batch of hot British chicks – [Nuts]

Olivia Munn is queen of the comic geeks – [FHM]

The worst celebrity DUI excuses ever – [Maxim]

Check out some of the hotties of Myspace – [HGOM]

One of those awesome prison inmate dance things – [Gorillamask]

The Los Angeles Dodgers found some hot chicks – [Epic Carnival]

When stupid things are blocking hot naked bodies – [Holytaco]

Kevin Costner will bang your mom – [Nextround]

Katy Perry ruined her boobs – [Don Chavez]

The Sexy daughters of rock and roll – [Cityrag]

Check out the Ghostbusters in 1954 – [Sublime Blog]

A three second knockout in MMA is worth a look – [Tastybooze]

College girls acting horny and hot is fun – [Funtasticus]

I hope you enjoy the Karla Spice workout – [Flisted]

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Aug 28 2009

Natalie Marie Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more Natalie Marie

Wow.  This is a new Natalie Marie.  Not the one that I’ve been accustomed to shining.  This Natalie Marie happens to be from Colombia but certainly possesses a rack like my Natalie.  I hope these two mudwrestle at some point.

More mudwrestling candidates at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Portfolio

Ferrari Miki Erica Elisabetta Brook Show Nichole Darrell

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Aug 28 2009

An Office in the Middle of a Forest

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Forest Office

From Fastcompany

If you’re a friend of the forest, it’s hard to imagine a better office environment than the one that architectural firm, Selgas Cano, recently built to work out of, in Madrid. It’s really not much more than a tube, sunken into the ground, with a long window on one side.

So you go in for an interview.  What the hell is the address?  Go on the highway and turn into those bushes and drive for a mile?  You see when someone actually gets the job I’m sure it’s cool to say you work in an office in the forest.

But what about when you have to work late?  All those little bugs and scary stuff come out.  I don’t know man.  It’s a little shady.  Cool to look at, but shady.

Pictures after the jump

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Aug 28 2009

Kevin Spacey is on Twitter and I’m Not Sure How to Feel About It

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I loved Spacey back in the day.  His stuff from Usual Suspects, Seven, and American Beauty is classic.  But man does it not feel like Spacey is just trying way too hard here?  I know he’s a sarcastic guy but really?

Bragging about having 800K followers?  Come on man.  When’s the last time this dude did a decent movie?  I want him to.  I want Spacey back in his good roles.

Ah whatever, I have no life and his is way better than mine.  Still though..

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Aug 28 2009

She’s Uncoachable: Russian Playmate of the Year, Inna Popenko

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 Inna Popenko

Typically when you think of Russian women, you think of busty blonds.  At least that’s what I think of.  But not Inna Popenko.  She’s about as brunette as they come.  I tell ya if I were to get a mail-order bride Inna would most certainly be at the top of my list.

Unfortunately I don’t know much about Inna because all the bios and crap like that are in Russian.  The only English term I see for her is “Russian Beauty.”  And while that’s true it’s not exactly helpful.  Perhaps we can make a Wikipedia page for her?  Yay!

You guys know I don’t show nudity on here but I think that you’ll get the gist of how hot she is from the gallery I’ve put together.


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Aug 28 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Straight from the Sweatshops of China

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China Sweat

I’m not being a racist here by any means.   The whole sweatshop line is exactly what it says in this kid’s Myspace Profile.  Look I have no definitive proof but I’m 99% sure this guys is absolutely awesome.

Not awesome in the sense that I could have a meaningful conversation with the guy.  But awesome in the sense that he would rank way up there with guys I’d want to haze and laugh at.

This guy’s great.  Period.

China Sweat China Sweat China Sweat

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Aug 28 2009

UCLA Women’s Volleyball Needs to Losen Up a Little

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UCLA Womens Volleyball

The other day I brought you some awesome pictures of the ladies of USC Volleyball so I figured by staying out in California that the UCLA girls might have something to offer.  Perhaps I just didn’t dig deep enough.  Or maybe, just maybe the ladies at UCLA don’t party as hard as the ladies of USC.

I am hereby putting UCLA on notice and this is a cry for help.  If anyone has any pictures of UCLA ladies volleyballers, please send them to me in an effort to beef up this post.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are some decent shots in here.  I’m simply saying that improvements can obviously be made.

And considering that over half this team is doable, we’re gonna need some more skin shown.

But as it stands, here’s a decent gallery

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Aug 28 2009

An Amazing Collection of Faces of Divers Mid Dive

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Diving Face

The Olympics are an amazing part of our culture.  Rarely do we get to ever see the entire world competing with each other.  And peacefully I might add.  It’s truly an amazing thing to witness.  And while all of the young athletes of the world prepare for their moments to shine, guys like me get to pillage around and make fun of some stuff.

With every sport comes a hell of a lot of humor.  There’s just no way around it.  Whether someone gets hit in the nuts, trips and falls mid jog, or just looks funny doing something, we’ll always have the comedic side of an Olympic event.

The event I’ve chosen for today is diving

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