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Aug 25 2009

Just the Tip Tuesday: Hot Girls in the Tub, Animal Inventions, and A Bus and a Hump

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Click on photo for more sexy girls in the tub

P.S.  what the hell is up with the color of the water in my lead picture?  Did this girl piss herself?  That expression on her face leads me to believe so.  You know what?  I’d swim in there if it got me some alone time with her.  Yeah I said it.

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The Tips

Modern technologies animals invented years ago – [Cracked]

Girls gets completely pwned by a bus and a hump – [Totally Crap]

Camila Velasco is the international babe of the day – [Doubleviking]

Couple weds while covered in bees – [Asylum]

Possibly the laziest people ever – [Collegehumor]

The sexy girls of comic con 2009 – [The Chive]

The Megan Fox sex tape proposition – [Popcrunch]

Olivia Munn showing why she is so damned sexy – [Ns4W]

Ten memorable movie endings – [Gunaxin]

Charleena Rena is awfully bootiful – [FHM]

What exactly is Barney teaching our children? – [Maxim]

Take the sugar out of your boogers – [Manofest]

The Hollyoaks Girls calendar makes me want to be alone – [DJ Mick]

The wonderful world of prison inventions – [Attuworld]

The batman and wolverine game – [Flabber]

All I have to say is thank God for nipples – [Cityrag]

Jessica Burciaga still remains one of the hottest girls ever – [Flisted]

Janis G looks great with milk all over herself – [HGOM]

Stephon Marbury crying video is ridiculous – [Hoop Doctors]

5 pretty tasty movie sex scenes in cars – [Regretful Morning]

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