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Aug 24 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: It’s Another Dude Who Calls Himself Ant

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Alright.  Here’s what I’m gonna do for you Ant.  I’m gonna go ahead and actually side with you on something.  I find it perfectly OK to set a goal for yourself.  And if that goal is getting into shape then you do what you have to in order to achieve the goal.  If it means taking pictures of yourself and charting progress then so be it.

But where I draw the line is when you take those pictures, all at least 100 of them, and paste them right into your Myspace page.  Oh that and putting in another 100 completely awful toolbox shots.  Come on buddy.  Do us a favor.  One picture please.

Thanks Ant.

Antbanks Antbanks Antbanks Antbanks

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