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Aug 23 2009

Sports Sunday: A Pretty Awesome Charles Barkley Compilation

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Let’s just forget about Barkely on TNT.   Let’s jus forget about how awesome he is in the media.  Let’s forget about him weighing over 300 lbs.  What I want you to try to do is remember him as a player.

Bear in mind this is a guy who is 6’4 and absolutely dominated the glass for nearly his entire career.  Don’t forget that.

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  • http://Mienfoks.blogspot.com Niles Lesh

    Yeah, son ain’t nothin like the round mound of rebound.

    I remember him goin’ coast to coast many times for very bad Sixer teams in the the late 80s- early 90s

    Best 6’4″ rebounder EVAH !

    too bad Jordan made friends with him and could psyche him out
    on a game to game basis(the ole Bill Russell/Wilt Chamberlain hustle)

    When he won the MVP in 1993 he snapped a streak of 20+ years of players over 6’5″winning the NBA MVP(Tiny Archibald) and at the time he was only the 3rd MVP under 6’5″(Bob Cousy)

    …of course toward the end of his career in Philly he showed up drunk and hung over for alot of the games, but he was still the best player on the court

    That was the difference between him and Jordan:

    Jordan wanted to win and Barkley wanted to be the best player on the court

    Ah the memories !

    …he has become way more interesting in retirement than Jordan , Magic or Bird !

    Thanks great post !



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