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Aug 17 2009

10 Sexy Videos of Girls Eating Ice Cream

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Kim K

I think it’s safe to say that anything having to do with the mouth and a hot chick is something worth writing about don’t you?  I already covered hot celebrities eating food.  Now I’m just slimming it down to one particular type of food while knocking out the fact that I need celebrities.

See how clever I am?  Look man.  It’s ice cream. It’s cold.  It’s wet.  It melts.  It looks slippery.  It’s all of these wonderful sexual things all wrapped up into a fantastic little product.

And when you attach a very attractive woman’s lips to all of it, you get a fantastic result.

Here are 10 sexy videos of girls eating ice cream

Just a Sexy Girl and Her Ice Cream

Ice Cream Fight

Loser Band but Great Video:  Ice Cream Girl

Carnival Cruises are Fun

The Proper Way to Eat Ice Cream with Friends

The Best Ice Cream Video Ever

Jessica Simpson’s Sexy Ice Cream

Webcam girl loves her ice cream

Russian Ice Cream Commercial

Japanese Ice Cream Commercial

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