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Aug 13 2009

Who Else Wants to Murder the Progressive Car Insurance Girl?

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If I hear the words “discount!” uttered by this woman again I think I might throw up all over someone.  That someone I wish were Stephanie Courtney.  She is the shrilly redhead who annoys the ever living crap out of every single person in America who has to sit through that monstrosity they call a commercial.

Did you know that this woman actually has a Facebook Page with over 8700 fans?   I’m now pretty sure that my new goal in life is to track down every single one of these fans, clamp their eyes open Clockwork Orange style, and make them watch Progressive Car Insurance commercials at full blast until their eyes bleed.

Then I’ll ask them, “you still a fan?”

God I hate that commercial.

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5 responses so far

  • Dick

    Maybe so, but you’d still hit it given the chance. And then tell everybody.

  • http://kneejerknba.blogspot.com/ KneeJerkNBA

    Me. Make it happen.

  • Ferd Berfel

    I absolutly HATE this F**KING commercial. Everytime it’s on I reach for the remote and either mute it and do my Sudoku puzzle, or change the channel. Ya’d think they could get someone at least mildly attractive. But no; they have to get an ugly, wig-wearing, fat-ass annoying bitch to shill their product. These commercials are so pervasive too; they’re on EVERY channel, at all hours. Lewis, the guy who runs Progressive, is a big-time lefty – it figures why we’d get such trash. Bring back Vince and his Slap-Chop!!

  • Sam

    She also has a Facebook page of people who hate her.


    Join the revolution.

  • Don

    I hate that girl soooooo bad! I can’t get to the remote fast enough to silence that @#$% girl!!
    Did I say that I hate her sooooo bad?



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