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Aug 12 2009

The 15 Ugliest Soccer Players in the World

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We’ve talked about this before.  I’ll talk about it again.  Soccer isn’t a particularly fun sport to watch for an American.  We need scoring.  Plain and simple. But I just can’t downplay it anymore.  And honestly it’s for one reason.  These guys get hotter chicks than any other type of athlete in the entire world.

I don’t know what it is.  I don’t know why.  I’ll never, ever figure it out.  But I’m telling you man, even the really ugly guys have incredible girls on their sides.

And just to prove a point, here are 15 of the ugliest dudes in all of soccer.  And you know something?  I envy every single one of them.  Look up any of their names and see the women they’ve been attached to.  It’s ridiculous.

And they look like this!



Carles Puyol


Carlos Tevez


Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba

Franck Ribery


Idriss Carlos Kameni


Ivan Campo


Joleon Lescott


Park Ji Sung


Peter Crouch


Rio Ferdinand


Robert Earnshaw


Wayne Rooney




Gary Neville


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  • Kidders


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  • Sim

    Wheres Luke Chadwick, surely he qualifies ?

  • Bruno

    Now show their wives =P

  • Felipe

    Great list!! xD
    But search for a player called Rui from Fluminense (Brazil). His head is bigger than the ball =P

  • Randall Schwartz

    Drogba aint ugly, he’s just black.

    Ribery was in an horrific accident as a kid which every soccer fan knows which makes you an incredible douchebag.

    Its like making fun of race car drive Niki Lauda whose face was burned beyond recognition.

  • Rodrigo

    Well there a player in Brazil called Amaral…

    he is the ugliest…


  • MHGold

    Amaral from Brazil is the number one

  • Hunternit

    They get the hotter women because they have huge bank accounts and they are very famous. In America soccer is not very popular but it is the biggest and the best sport in the world!!!

  • Jëgermeister

    Believe me man the american sports looks like a joke for the rest of world. anyway soccer rulez.

  • \asd

    5 of the 15 are/were in Manchester United FC… because of it they’re called the Red Devils. ^^

    And Gary Neville looks like Teddy from the serie called Prison Break :P

    MUFC and SPFC for life!

  • Nick Oslahf

    Amaral rules!!!

  • Niamor

    If you people love scoring so much how come you don’t like cricket. I assure you it’s much more exciting than baseball. I remember watching the yankees vs red sox game with a-rod walkoff hit. I can’t believe a match would take so long to complete at least in english sports you know when the match is gonna finish and not go on for another 3hours!!!!!!!!

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  • http://www.raba roto

    Remove Drogab from that list or else i will say it is racism. i was expecting to see Drogba among the most handsome. Drogba is not ugly at all, not even close to it..

  • Toadsie

    Drogba is hot , okay? But the rest hurt my eyes.



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