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Aug 11 2009

Whatever Happened to the Cast of Just One of the Guys?

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Just one of the Guys

Perhaps one of my favorite all time classics in 80s movie history is Just one of the Guys.   It’s the classic tale of a hot high school girl who wants to be appreciated for more than just her looks.  In order to get her respect she poses a male at another school submitting the same news article that she did as a female at her old school, expecting to land an internship she desires.

Instead, she at first gets denied the internship but learns a thing or two as a “male” while also falling in love with a hopeless dork who she transforms into a stud.

Damn I should write synopses of movies.  Eh, maybe not.  Still though, this flick was awesome.  But whatever happened to the cast?  Luckily I’m here to tell you…

Joyce Hyser – Terry Griffith


She looked like Ralph Macchio in this flick but who could ever deny the line “where do you get off having tits?”  And yes folks, she did have a wonderful body in this movie.  So what is Joyse up to now?  After pursuing a TV career in the 90s Joyce went back to film (most notably LA Law).  She used to date Bruce Springsteen.  That’s pretty cool.

Clayton Rohner – Rick Morehouse


Funny because I keep seeing this guy pop up on TV.  Of all the actors from this movie I think Rohner might be the most successful male of the bunch..  He was pretty damned awesome as Rick Morehouse though.  “I think those of us in Greg’s gym class certainly know the answer to that one!”  Guy was a damned hero.  What’s Rohner up to now? His television guest appearances include Star Trek: The Next Generation as Admiral Jameson in the season 1 episode “Too Short a Season”, Beverly Hills 90210, Charmed, Crossing Jordan, Angel, and Weeds. He also appeared in the award-winning miniseries Into the West.  Rohner has been an acting teacher in the tradition of Roy London and owns an American Staffordshire Terrier named “Henry” he frequently refers to as “stinky weasel teeth”

Billy Jayne – Buddy Griffith


“Sorry Spike.”  Perhaps the best character of the entire movie, Billy Jayne exemplified adolescence and the challenges of getting laid.  Kid would do anything to try to bag a chick.  His sexuality will never be matched.  So what’s Jayne up to now?  He’s a rock singer or something.  Check out his Myspace Page.

William Zabka – Greg Tolan


Come on.  It’s William Zabka!  Perhaps no man has had a better run as the “bad guy” as Zabka did in the 80s.  Karate Kid, then Just one of the Guys, and then Back to School?  Guy is a legend.  So what is he doing now?  He does mostly production and screenwriting. In 2004, Zabka was nominated for an Academy Award for Most in the Live Action Short Film category.  Who ever would have thought that?

Deborah Goodrich – Debra


“I’m going with Debra?”  She was definitely a cutie.  At first playing the girlfriend and prom queen of Greg Tolan (Zabka) she was kind of boring in the movie.  Cute, but boring.  Now?  Now Goodrich is ummm.  She’s ummmm.  I don’t know man.  Last I saw was a bit part she had was in 1992′s Out on a Limb.

Toni Hudson – Denise


Playing the best friend of Hyser in the film, Hudson was definitely a cutie but certainly the subject of Buddy’s sexual fantasies. She has made guest appearances on TV shows like The Greatest American Hero, T.J. Hooker, Knight Rider, The A-Team, and The Love Boat.  I think she’s been missing since 1987.

Leigh McCloskey – Kevin


Fratboy Kevin!  I loved this guy.  His interactions with Buddy were amazing.  Not to mention the stuff he would say to Hyser.  Total frat guy.  Total chauvenist.  And absolutely awesome when he hits on the high school girl at the prom and gets denied.   Now? He has written, illustrated and published five books of his works, including Tarot ReVisioned, In the Splendor, Adam Reborn & Eve Restored: A Romance in Two Parts, Codex Tor:Winter Solstice-Part One and his Grimoire that was featured with the Rolling Stones.

Sherilyn Fenn – Sandy


Sherilyn Finn is actually a name many people might know.  But I think her role as slut Sandy might have been her best.  Although I have to say she’s been topless in movies and looked amazing in Wraith.   Of all the actors here she’s probably most successful as she’s been Emmy and Golden Globe nominated.  Finn still acts and still looks pretty decent.

*Something to note.  Arye Gross played one of the alien dweeby dudes.

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  • http://www.blazeoflove.com Kellex

    Seriously this post just made my day. And now I’m staring at my “Just One of the Guys” DVD and contemplating an all day marathon of Terry-ness.



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