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Aug 07 2009

The Most Annoying Yankees/Red Sox Headline Of This Year

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“Red Sox’s 8-0 mark vs. Yanks irrelevant now”

Make that 8-1 after last night but still.

I’d just like to thank Sean McAdam for coming up with that brilliant title to what is essentially an irrelevant article.  Here’s a little of what Sean had to say:

The last time the Red Sox and Yankees met, life was different for both teams.

Mark Teixeira was just starting to get hot. Phil Hughes hadn’t earned the role of primary set-up man in the New York bullpen. John Smoltz was in the middle of his rehab starts. Victor Martinez was still a member of the Cleveland Indians.

Nine weeks can be a lifetime in baseball. Since June 9-11, the date of the last series, the Sox have cooled and the Yankees have been the hottest team in the league. A lot has changed, making the Red Sox’ 8-0 record in head-to-head meetings about as meaningful this season as Bill Lee vs. Graig Nettles

Yeah?  And?  So what?  What people are going to remember is two things:  Playoffs and World Series.  Cut it out with this crap will you? I’m all for rivalries.  I’m all for hyping up certain pitching matchups, etc etc.

However, as a Yankees fan.  Let’s face it.  These guys haven’t won the big one in a LONG time.  And that’s the cold, hard, truth.  With Joba pitching the way he is and this lineup, I do think their chances are better than ever.

But can we stop with this crap?  Please?  Until the Yankees win a world series again, Boston is the dominant team.  Sorry fellow fans.

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  • itguy

    I’m a yanks/roxs fan and I don’t even watch the yanks till the playoffs anymore. Party because I pay attention to the rockies all the time but also because I can’t stand the media.

    Also Ortiz is a fucking cheater and fenway is a fag field with a stupid tiny fence that tony clarks double shouldn’t have bounced over.

    So without those two things the sox never win the series



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