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Aug 05 2009

15 Animals that Got the Sh*t End of the Evolution Stick

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Ugly Animals

I always kid with my wife and ask her if she’d still be with me if only a few things were different about me.  So I’ll proceed to pull my nose up, or I’ll pop out my ears.  And amazingly enough she’ll say “I doubt I would have been interested in you if you had those abnormalities.”  But sometimes that’s all it takes.  One little screw up.

Same thing for animals.  I wonder if they play these silly games.  But it must be pretty tough if you’re the animal that actually has these abnormalities.  Sure, evolution put these things in there for good reason.

That however, doesn’t change the fact that these animals are extremely ugly…..

Thanks to James Gunn for the help on these


Ugly Animals


Ugly Animals


Ugly Animals

Proboscis Monkey

Ugly Animals

Purple Frog

Ugly Animals

Angler Fish

Ugly Animals

Angora Rabbit

Ugly Animals


Ugly Animals

Wrinkle-Face Bat

Ugly Animals

Dumbo Octopus

Ugly Animals

Elephant Shrew

Ugly Animals

Hooded Seal

Ugly Animals

Long-Beaked Echidna

Ugly Animals

Naked Mole Rat

Ugly Animals

Rosy-Lipped Batfish

Ugly Animals

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  • kim

    Those also double as good name-calling fodder. “What the hell are you thinking you rosy-lipped batfish?!” or “Put your pants back on you naked mole rat-looking mother-f*er!!”

  • http://littlemindbigthoughts.blogspot.com Corey Clark

    Hey I liked the Rabbit.

  • Beth

    I would let my kids see these strange pictures if it weren’t for the under dressed ladies you have in pictures on the side. Gimme a break.

  • http://Yahoo Bren

    You didn’t include the platapus duckbill which suprised me because it is put together out of left over parts and includes a defense mechanism in that it has a gland uner its “neck”(?) that has venom that is poisonous.

    I do agree with Beth when she said she couldn’t show her kids the pics because of the underdressed ladies at the edge.It intrigued my eyes and I am a grown lesbian woman and lacking in the pervert respect.And if I still had kids at home they would not be allowed to view the set either because of the ladies.My boys are 28xs2 and 23 respectively so they do what they wish when they wish, good men.I raised them to respect women and to do the right thing.Ogling the female form is not exactly the right thing but most men and some women do just that, enough said on that subject.

    There will most likely be kickback toward me for things mentioned in the 2nd paragraph but that is alright I have a tough skin and believe in being upfront in everything.In closing I did enjoy the pics of the critters and sympathize with them there are humankind out there that have some strange anatomy also,not just the anatomy on the outside and visable but inside where we can’t see it.

  • pattyann

    the 1st animal is not named…what is it

  • Janie

    I don’t agree with the angora rabbit. That just happens to be one that isn’t groomed very well or stacked very well. They can be very fluffy and cute.

  • lisa

    Yep, some most of them are down right ugly, but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, just ask a wrinkled face bat of the opposite sex, lol. I think the Angora rabbit is beutiful! Thanks for the pics, we might not otherwise have the chance to see things like this. It’s good to exercise your mind.

  • Nora

    …That was pretty funny Kim!

  • tori

    They may no be attractive but God created them and put them all on earth for a reason. I say kudos to all creatures cute or not!!



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