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Aug 31 2009

Jessica Jane Clement Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more Jessica Jane Clement

I’m not to sure if I prefer her blonde or brunette but looking at this gallery her darker hair sure does go well with what she is wearing – not that she’s wearing much which is probably why the set of pics I’m linking to is so appealing

More appeal at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Portfolio

Lipps CLick Emily Andrea Angela Hicks Stacy Kate Eusse

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Aug 31 2009

10 Drinks that Couldn’t Have been Worsely Named

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Bad Drinks

Which means pee pee

There’s nothing better than getting a refreshing drink when you’re really dehydrated.  It’s a great relief when you can quench that thirst and hopefully get on with the rest of your tough, hot, stinky day.

But what happens if you’re drinking something that you weren’t supposed to?  Or better yet.  Let’s add the placebo effect.  Do you really think you could put your mouth to the can of something called “Pee Cola?”

Or how about these other 10 drinks?  Could you?

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Aug 31 2009

A Brilliant Hardee’s Commercial

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Wait, did this ever air on national television?  If so, I hope America is finally coming around to these types of ads.  This is awesome.

I’ve never been to a Hardee’s but I’m definitely tempted to try out their A-Holes now that I’ve seen this.

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Aug 31 2009

She’s Uncoachable: Playmate of the Month in March 2007, Tyran Richard

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Tyran Richard

You might be wondering why I’d go back over two years to find Tyran Richard and insert her into the “She’s Uncoachable” section.  Well, for whatever reason, this weird photoshop picture seems to be pretty popular these days.

Don’t ask me why someone decided that Tyran would be perfect to photoshop into a cooking pot.  Just go with it.  The other reason I would go back over two years to find a model for this site is….why wouldn’t I go back two years to find a model for this site?

I mean come on guys.  There’s no rhyme or reason when it comes to beautiful women.  And there never will be.

More of Tyran Reeeeesh Hard after the jump

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Aug 31 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: A New Breed of Russian Tool

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I should have realized this a while back.  Just as there are all these guido tools out there trying to pretend they’ve been a part of the Mafia since birth, there is also a contingent of Russian Mafia wannabees as well.

My first candidate is a guy who calls himself E.Z. which really stands for Eko Zilcic.

he likes to hurt people & put bruises on them. and he makes people cry sometimes too. hes a tough boyyyy.

Yes I’m sure that’s true

Zilcic Zilcic Zilcic

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Aug 31 2009

Coach Bobby Finstock: The Best Advice Ever

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As I watched Teen Wolf for the 30th time last night I couldn’t help yet again realize how amazing coach Finstock was.   I don’t know what’s up with Jay Tarses these days but man do we need more characters like him.  Guy was last on television in 1993.

In any event, if there are three things for you to live by, here they are.

1.  Never get less than 12 hours sleep

2.  Never play poker with a guy whose first name is a city

3.  Never get involved with a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body

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Aug 31 2009

The Top 15 SFW Demotivational Boob Posters Out There

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Motivational Poster

Let’s face it guys.  The demotivational poster was an excellent invention.  And I would say that over the past few years it’s even “played out” to some extent.   Then again, I think that some categories are still going strong.  And personally I think there is always a place for the demotivational poster.

It’s just that now the bar is a bit higher.  And of those categories I was speaking of, clearly hot chicks fits the bill as being one that will never die out.  Gee, I wonder why.  Because, um, it doesn’t really matter what you write?

I’m such a cheap bastard but come on guys.  You know you’ll love these.

Here are 15 awesome demotivational boob posters

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Aug 31 2009

Some of the Best Mr. T Pictures in History

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 Mr T

Amazingly enough,  I couldn’t locate any childhood or non mohawk photos of sir Laurence Tureaud,  better known as Mr. T.  When you really think about it, the man has stood the test of time.  He was huge back the 80s with the A-Team, Rocky III, and Wrestlemania.  Then he kind of hit a lull in the 90s.

But post 2000 when companies realized that poking fun at former stars worked, Mr. T was in an elite class to have a comeback.  Now he appears in ridiculous videos, throws first pitches, and is still calling people “fool.”

I’m glad he’s still around.  And to pay my respects, here are some of his best pictures through the years.

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Aug 31 2009

Monday’s Madness: Hotties in the Wild, Tight Clothing Girls, and Funny G.I. Joe Characters

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Click on the photo for more hotties in the wild

Ugh.  I cannot believe I’m back in New York.  Straight from Hawaii it’s a bit of a change to be in Manhattan when I just swam with dolphins a few days ago.  But I digress.  At least there are strange hot girls I can look at again.

More strange hot girls at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Madness

Awesome gallery of girls in tight clothing – [Holytaco]

The 7 Most unintentionally funny G.I. Joe characters – [Cracked]

Evolution is making women much hotter – [Asylum]

In case you missed Friday’s photobombs – [The Chive]

It’s the latest in hot TV girlfriends – [Bullzeye]

Um, looking at hot British chick – [Nuts]

Mattress dominoes is the best way to get a girl in the sack – [Brobible]

Federica Ridolfi remains one of the hottest Italians – [HGOM]

What is it like to have big boobs? – [Don Chavez]

Lucinda Dickey knows how to party – [Sublime Blog]

That’s two M’s for Mandy Mae – [Gorillamask]

Is there any way to caption this picture? – [Attuworld]

She wants to be an astronaut – [Flabber]

I sure would like to hang out with Pixie Lott – [Epic Carnival]

Shakira finally made a sexy video worth seeing – [Celebrity Odor]

Check out this giant “guns” gallery – [Funtasticus]

I would definitely do in German Style – [The Bachelor Guy]

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Aug 30 2009

Sunday’s Picture of the Week: An All-American Prom

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Captions are welcome.

Who’s got the best one?

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