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Jul 31 2009

Pre-Teen Beauty Queens are More Than Disturbing

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Child Beauty Queen

I have to admit, it has taken me and is currently taking me every bit of strength in my being to not throw up again.  Having seen this child beauty pageant video, I am now scarred for life.  And I always knew how disgusting a world this is, but to be reminded of it is just something I don’t need right now.

I mean technically it’s not a crime for parents to make their under 10 daughters do this stuff, but I definitely think it should be.   In fact I think some of these mothers really deserve to be behind bars for prolonged periods of time.

And you wonder why girls have sex at age 11 now.  For Christ’s sake, what is wrong with us?

Check out these pictures…if you dare.

Child Beauty Queen

Child Beauty Queen

Child Beauty Queen

Child Beauty Queen

Child Beauty Queen

Child Beauty Queen

Child Beauty Queen

Child Beauty Queen

Child Beauty Queen

Child Beauty Queen

Child Beauty Queen

Child Beauty Queen

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86 responses so far

  • Fyouk

    that is the most disturbing thing I will see all weekend,

  • professorx619

    I’m now angered. great way to kick off a friday afternoon ….

  • Gill Avila

    Now I understand what “abomination” means.

  • booo

    It’s nothing less than female pedophilia on the mothers’ part. Disturbing.

  • Natty

    I agree with everyone thus far.

  • Mookie

    I’m 27. Every last one of those children looks older than me.

  • Natty

    I’m 30 and feel the same way.

  • http://www.daycareschoolonline.com Lesley

    This is just disturbing folks. Children are beautiful and these mothers have turned them into monsters.

  • http://homeandfamilyreleases.blogspot.com/ TheFamilyMan

    Yeah these kids will grow up just normal, yep.

  • Tobey

    Are you sure those faces haven’t been plastered on?

  • Juan

    This is exactly why make up should be banned… all except eyeliners and maskara.

  • Amy

    I’m with Tobey, some of those are really awful photoshop jobs…the chick above the “Riley, wish you were here” girl has a face that’s not even close to the same proportion of her body…her mouth and her arm are the same width.

  • http://personalweightloss.webs.com Jessi

    They look like midget women preparing for a circus freak show!

  • Kathleen

    my god, that is just disgusting! They’r probably lookin older than their mothers do! Those tons of make up and fakin smiles, yuck!!

  • hazoon

    the poor girls look like freaks…so disturbing

  • kai

    I’ve never worn that much makeup in life! Even for a professonalphoto shoot! I pitty these babies.self esteem!

  • gabriela

    holy shit ! I died a little inside right now .

  • http://twitter Olivia

    oh my all this little girl look older then what they really are like 20 years

  • Spookygirl

    Seriously, some of those have to be photoshopped (badly) as the teeth are NOT baby teeth. And the faces are far too big for the heads.

    Not that pre-teen beauty pageants are disturbing and disgusting, but let’s not miss the issue because the pics are such obvious fakes.

  • http://mykafkaesquelife.blogspot.com MKL

    I don’t know why there’s no law in America that would ban this exploitation of children!

    US people are usually so outraged over silly things, but thus is serious, yet where’s the outrage?

  • misanthrope

    Sick. Course I see a few that could use some liposuction…

  • Sarah

    Since they are young girls, they are losing their teeth and growing new ones, so they have to wear sort of like teeth caps to look like they have all their teeth. It’s just disgusting. It’s one thing if these girls want to do this, but if you see their mothers, it’s obviously the mom’s who want to win.

  • JustMeOutHere

    This is just wrong very very wrong
    ewww I’m nauseated.

  • human being

    I just read a reply on the you tube video from a “life long” contestant from the age of 6. She defends it saying “I too got bored and a little cranky, but loved it”.

    Send psychiatric help stat.

  • http://twitter.com AdriMac

    AY DIOS MIO!!!!! This VERY disturbing to say the least. The mothers of these babies need mental help. But what’s really sad is that this has been going on for how long now…………….and nothing is being done to stop these so called beauty pagents!

  • Shaun

    wWhat are the parents thinking, it’s monstrous, sickening.

  • patriotsgirl

    haven’t you ever seen the shows on Bravo/TLC/Disc? Pageant moms? Sick sick parents.

  • Sandi

    I’ve never quite understood it…I’m sure they are beautiful children with out all the crap on their faces and fake teeth in their mouths. Why not have then more natural…It is “un-natural” to have 6 year olds looking like Las Vegas show girls. What are they teaching these girls, I must be the prettiest to be worthwhile…I saw a reality show on this…oddly most of the Mom’s are ugly and or fat…so why are they living their dreams of beauty and success through their little girls. It is deeply disturbing and wrong on so many levels.

  • wahinenvegas

    FROM: booo on 01 Aug 2009 at 3:08 am
    It’s nothing less than female pedophilia on the mothers’ part. Disturbing.

    You are soooo right, booo!!!

  • http://www.thequietunknown.com Monique

    Those are kids, not photo shopped big girls onto little bodies. Its all freaky, not normal looking.

  • Joyce

    I fear those face aren’t photoshopped. The reason why they look proportional big for their bodies, is that I see (on one occasion) abs, without the normal baby fat.

    Also, with a face that whited out, you make all natural shadows shy away. Plus, the way they smile, pulling the bottom lip sideways, so also the bottom teeth are shown, also widen the jaws.

    Seriously, why, WHY?! Would any sane person do this to their kid?! It is as if they are making their girls work for them in the same way as a pimp does.

    Just a question, why do you often see Americans reveal the bottom teeth when smiling? It always looks like they want to eat you. Or as if they just escaped from a mental institution?

  • http://twitter.com Outragedmom

    I wouldn’t even let my 16 year old daughter wear that much make-up. I agree… the pre-teen beauty moms need some serious jail time.

  • http://@twitter Annie

    and most of these girls have fake teeth, fake hair and fake confidence.


  • realdude

    I understand about everyone flipping out over this… but it’s not like the kids are anorexic or suffer from other mental or physical disorders. They just wear a lot of makeup and get there hair done, is there anything wrong with that? And it’s not the mothers’ fault, if the kid really didn’t want to do it, i’m sure the mother would take her out of competition.

  • Billy

    Just about all of the moms are fat and allways have a cig in their mouth

  • Andrew

    @Spookygirl: They are using some fake teeth caps, so they appear to have full pearly white teeth. Their faces are plastered all right, but plastered with makeup and those big hair do’s make their heads look even bigger.

    The scarier the merrier.

  • Shelly

    The Parents who put their children in these sleazy contests should be shot. Plain & simple.

    Someone out there is looking at these pictures or sitting in the audience watching these kids wanting to do evil things to them.

    Wanna know the even sicker part? THE PARENTS DON’T MIND IT A BIT!!!! Othwise they would know better. For f***sake, they’d probably watch!!

    This is dispicable and crimminal. The Parents are lacking alot more than just a childhood dream.

  • Pamela

    Okay, Ashton just posted this on Twitter. This is the one of the most disburbing things I’ve seen, EVER. The parents of these children should really think about what they are doing to their kids. Someone here mentioned mascara and eyeliner only. Certainly do not agree with that either. I believe it’s a form of child endangerment. I think these girls well-being is at risk. IMO

  • critical

    this is absolutely ridiculous….hw can ppl do tht to such young children…hw wud this affect the mind of the child is a horrifyin thought….wat kind of a mom wud dress up their daughter so darnedly jus for the sake fo some stupid paegant which may never mean anythin later on in the girls life….even those smiles which shud be adorable r so fake tht it actually is regretfully disgusting

  • http://www.xploreyou.blogspot.com Honiebloom

    Children modeling is absurd. Its also demoralizing. But their parents should make sure they grow normal.

  • http://www.mykangarooclub.com Talita Feuerstein

    Sadly, the mothers of these children go to great lengths to make sure their daughters look “perfect”. Some of these children are forced to get porcelain veneers and crowns on their baby teeth to make them look like adult teeth. They have their eyebrows plucked, and I would not be surprised if some of them had had some sort of plastic surgery.
    I think beauty pageant is an awful thing, and that it permanently damages little girls self-esteem and self image. You can’t tell me that these kids woke up one day and said: “Seriously, mama, I want to be part of the pageant show, and you can do whatever it takes to my body to make that happen”.

    The mothers of these children are sick, and need HELP!!

  • Devlin

    Can anyone say “Photoshop.”

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  • Justdust

    Oh God!….(hurling)….must…stop…mental….pics…gross….(Hurling)!

  • http://twitter.com keishon78

    Hello anybody remembered what happened to poor little Ramsey girl. That’s said to have your daughter looking like a grown woman. These poor little girls might grow up before their time. Then you have pedifiles out there that’s watching these little girls. What is this world coming to?!

  • http://booksforallreasons.us Kelly

    How quickly they forget Jon-Benet Ramsey… These people dress them up like miniature hookers to try to win fame and fortune (that they couldn’t achieve themselves). Just because the kids are “dressed” doesn’t make it decent. All you’ve done is added adult males who are “normal” as dangers to the kids (besides the pedophiles) since the girls are being presented as “small” adult sexy women, not innocent children. This isn’t dress-up – this is prostitution glossed over with the name “pageant.” And they may not have anorexia or bulimia now, but check back in a few years – trying to live those standards 24/7 will force many of them into it to maintain that thin childish look that got them the prizes when 6 or 7 years old.

  • Lydia

    WOW WOW WOW I can’t believe this is legal… my heart cries out. They may never know the innocents of childhood and the pure joy of not caring what they look like. So sad. So Sad. their feeling of beauty should come from their mothers telling them they are beautiful. Sadness.

  • Barbara Saunders

    Very disturbing. To me: It doesn’t seem sexual, more as if these girls aren’t treated as living (let alone human) creatures at all but like dolls or robots for tinkering on. Unlike, say, 16 year-old girls exploited as models, these children are not aesthetically pleasing or “perfect” in any sense. IMNSHO, They look bizarre and distorted.

  • Choco

    They’ll grow up to be perfect fuck machines and dumb wives. Oh, the american man’s dream!

  • http://tweeter LL

    It’s hands down the most Degrading abuse of parental authority I’ve seen! Put a Negative spin on my wknd:-{

  • Rebecca

    Someone commented that they think these pics are photoshopped because of the teeth not being baby teeth. Sadly the pics are real, they wear a mouthguard with fake teeth. i saw it on an exposee of this form of CHILD ABUSE. They should be covered in sand from a sandbox NOT covered in MAKE-UP. So loving of these mothers to take away a childhood. Does no one remember JonBenet Ramsey. SHE never had a childhood either. DISGUSTING.

  • Kate

    to everyone who says these are photoshopped:

    thats a possibility but the claim that those aren’t baby teeth doesn’t mean anything. have you ever seen toddlers and tiaras? these crazy mothers glue FAKE TEETH into these little girls’ mouths so that they can have a “grown up smile.”

    also their heads look so big because the mothers make them wear wigs, extensions, sit with their hair in curlers for hours…i mean if you watch toddlers and tiara’s, you’d see all this happening. they really do look like this…it’s horrible.

  • Jean

    Any mother that pimps out her child should be investigated and the child should be put in a safe environment. This is sick. They are telling them they are not cute enough so mommy has to put fake teeth, hair, eyelashes, etc. to make you look good enough. The mommies are almost always 50 or more lb overweight and they are trying to live through these pathetic little people.

  • isabel

    These parents that allow their children to do this must be pedophiles themselves!!! Very Disturbing!!!!!

  • Noor Loam

    Dude… those are photoshopped heads on bodys and badly photoshopped at that . Bunch of bollocks

  • http://www.killingdemonsbook.com Jeff Vernon

    There is something profoundly creepy about these pre-teen, child beauty pageants. It disturbs me. We only get to be kids for a very short time….so let kids be kids and enjoy it….:>)

  • SputNik

    Michael Jakson is smiling in heaven.

  • http://twitter.com w8n4gzs

    It IS horrific! I’ve watched the shows on TLC, et al. These little ones don’t understand. They’ve been brainwashed by moms who try to live vicariously through their children.
    Many of the poor kids cry because of tweezing eyebrows, being stuffed into those gawdy, disgusting outfits, & simply for being tired & dragged around from pageant to pageant.
    I would join the fight if there is something we can do to stop this child abuse/exploitation. As the saying goes, “There oughta be a law!”

  • Moses

    oh , come on people…………. PHOTOSHOP !!!

  • http://www.benfrankart.com BenOne

    And now for some fancy pageant walkin…

  • Dana

    Those poor kids. I know most of them aren’t going to grow up right because their mothers are screwing them up like this.

    The picture with the two blondes is the spookiest of them all and it doesn’t help that one of them has red eyes.

  • Kara

    The problem are the parents, especially the mothers. Exhibit A of why every prospective parent should have to get a psychological evaluation to raise a child, like adoptiove parents do. My brother had to go through hell, emotionally and financially, to be able to adopt his daughter, and that’s how it should be. Just because we have the biological capacity to procreate doesn’t mean we should. Raising a child isn’t a right, it’s a privelege. And these parents are abusing that privilege. These are CHILDREN for crying out loud!!!! What’s the matter with these people????

  • Concerned Mom

    The faces look photoshopped to me. The bodies are darker than the faces. But major SHAME ON YOU to the mothers who are exploiting their children so they can feel better about themselves.

  • http://facebook kathy

    whatever happend to baby jane, that`s all i could think of, ugh!!! children forced to smile with fake teeth in their mouths , all that putty on their sweet faces, those hideous clothes, little girls like to play *dressup*, not freakshow!!! so sad, it hurts my heart!! who are these brainwashed mothers?why are`nt they protecting them not whoreing them out ?? i don`t get it , these girls will have no healthy sense of self, no self esteem, people don`t adore you all your life, looks change!! oh my GOD i could write forever , save these children , do something!!!

  • alex


    Only in America…

  • Samantha

    My 7 year old daughter wanted to be in a pageant and I told her I would let her…but that she was NOT wearing makeup, getting a spray tan, pedicure or shaving her legs. Little girls are beautiful naturally – with all that other junk, it’s scary. Let our girls be natural, people…gawd!

    Now I wanna slap a pageant mom…

  • Felicia

    Oh wow this IS awful…
    I mean, c’mon!
    Most of the foundation and skin makeup they have on their faces DOES NOT match their natural skin tone! Learn to blend, sheesh.

  • Jack

    Holy shit! That is soooo wrong!

  • vf


  • Claudia

    I would never involve my daughter in this, but I really dont see the harm in hair and make-up on a kid for a show (not for daily wear of course). Little girls absolutely LOVE to dress up. The outfits are just modest dresses and bathing suits, what’s important is that the clothing is not sexualized, so if we keep the adult look to hair and make-up and not accentuating the little girls’ bodies, I really dont see the harm in throwing a little make-up on the kid. Aside from the zebra outfitted girl, the others do not have a “sexy” look, just a weird one.

  • http://twitter cicci0191

    this is very sad, i have two beautiful little girls and would like them to stay that way for as long as poss! we only get a few precious years of childhood, why would we want to make our children grown before their time. Let them enjoy their innocence!!!!!!!

  • Orm

    I blame Disney and Hannah fucking Montana. Any parent with a camera and a kid thinks they can get their kids a tv show if they delude themselves enough.

  • monica

    Those kids should be taken away from those sick broads, before they end up all twisted, and on heroin…..SICK!!!!!!!!

  • Nuria

    They look like women’s heads on little girls bodies. Unbelievable. I can’t imagine any sane parent wanting this for their child.

  • jane

    PHOTOSHOP PHOTOSHOP PHOTOSHOP!….have you not seen the websites where the moms send the photos to be “touched up”? This kids get fake tans and use fake teeth overlays. Havent you watched the TV shows following the Pageants?…its great when it’s natural “beauty” but this is as fake as can be and moms are living thru their kids…PATHETIC!

  • Debzilla

    Many pageants now have a “NO MAKEUP” rule for girls under 12. Absolutely disgusting to do this to your child!

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  • kelsey

    i was watching an episode on mtv about pre-teen beauty queens and they actually DO look that way..they would be much prettier girls without all the make up on

  • kaitlin

    wow. I can understand a little kid wanting to be in a beauty pageant, or a mom pushing their child to be a star, but WTF? little kids don’t need all that makeup and barbie-doll hair product to look cute. most would have better chances of winning if they took all that crap off and dressed like they would for a birthday party.

  • Pamela

    Looks like TLC is airing a show on this exact thing. “Toddlers & Tiaras” this Wednesday Aug 12th 9pm central. The previews show this girl’s mother putting in FAKE teeth with VERY heavy makeup on. Completely repulsive~ D:

  • Pamela

    Oh, anyone on here thinks that these pictures are photo shopped believe it or not these pictures are NOT. Sad! Pictures like this look photo shopped is because the mothers had put the make up, very heavy at that, on these girls and it looks ridiculous and plus put FAKE teeth in these girls mouths and I’m sure extensions in their hair as well. Sad but true… This is real and it’s happening. Horrible!

    Kids modeling is one thing and maybe kids competing in a pageant that has “NO MAKEUP policy” is another thing that can be acceptable. Just that it certainly DOES NOT need to go to this extreme! It’s repulsive and disgusting!

  • meghan

    they use to have that show all about the child beauty pagent stars.
    and its sick. the show tried to make it seem like the kids were living the life. and every single kid would cry and say they wanted to play instead of practice. and their red neck moms would say ‘no. i want you to win me the money.’ and they look like those creepy mom thats are like in their late 40s and try to look young. so pretty much milfs. even though they are like 8.

  • Sammi

    yeah, anyone see toddlers and tiaras? its disturbing and sad. i always feel bad for the little girls who grow up thinking that its good to be fake and that you have to win beauty pagents to be pretty

  • Zander

    the parents of thoes girls should be utterly ashamed,

  • Bev

    I ran across this crap as I was going through the channels on tv tonight. I was sickened and enraged to see what these mothers are doing to these little girls. I got online and found this site.

    This is freaking child abuse! Something needs to be done. I am going to do something about this….I don’t know what exactly…but I’m going to do something. I cannot stand by and watch these young girls abused and destroyed.

    My heart is breaking for them.

  • SP2

    First point–The idea of little girls playing dress-up and competing to see who is most fanciful is no different than little boys and girls dressing in strange costumes and participating in hyper-aggresive activities to see who is the most barbaric (with the parents and coaches displaying equal lack of civility on the sidelines). With light research I cannot find a single instance where the child is removed from the violent situation, even with physical injuries. A second point–the child is more likely to be abused by coach or family member (just watch the nightly news to see a ‘beloved coach, teacher, neighb or, et cetera arrested for child molestation/endangerment). So, I’m looking for the outrage against Pop Warner, Little League, youth soccer(football), etc. I’m looking forward to seeing the arguments defending the teaching of barbarism.



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