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Jul 28 2009

Mets fire executive Bernazard and will Still Continue To Suck

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From ESPN:

The New York Mets fired vice president for player development Tony Bernazard, who has been implicated in recent outbursts involving the team’s minor leaguers and closer Francisco Rodriguez.

Omar Minaya announced Bernazard’s dismissal at a news conference Monday afternoon in which the general manager and New York Daily News reporter Adam Rubin squared off after Minaya inferred that Rubin wrote stories to try to get Bernazard fired so he could take his job.

The news conference took a bizarre turn when Minaya said that Rubin, who wrote the initial story about Bernazard’s confrontation in Binghamton, had lobbied in the past to get a personnel job with the Mets.

A Few Things:

1.  I’d be outbursting too if I represented a team that’s this abyssmal.

2.  If there’s someone to fire here shouldn’t it be the conditioning coach?  I wish I could say steroids are to blame for all the injuries this season but the only guy I can think of who might have done them is Delgado.  Beltranny doesn’t seem like the steroid type.  And Delgado is honestly just getting older.  I mean are they feeding these guys kelp or something?  How about some toughen up drills?  Get these guys some Met-rx or something.

3.  This just isn’t the Mets year.  It’s just tough to have a day go by where something crappy doesn’t happen.  You kind of have to sympathize.

I mean I almost feel bad for these guys except for the fact that I’m a Yankees fan.   Let’s go Mets!

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  • http://www.chrisilluminati.com Illuminati

    Are they in a lifeguard stand?

  • itguy

    They beat my rockies. Stupid frickin rockies can’t win in stupid shea.

    Steroids Tatis hits an 0-2 Grand Slam. WTF BS!



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