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Jul 27 2009

Rickey Henderson Was Mean to a Kid in a Wheelchair

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Rickey Henderson

From MLB

Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice stood on the same stage as baseball’s all-time greats on Sunday, taking their rightful place among them as the newest inductees into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Amid a few droplets of rain at Clark Sports Center in baseball’s historic burgh, the two left fielders — Henderson, the quintessential leadoff hitter; Rice, the perennial power man — saw their status as legends cemented at the annual ceremony, which this year was attended by 50 members of the Hall of Fame’s 65 living members.

While Henderson is clearly one of, if not the greatest leadoff hitter in history I still can’t shake this story from my memory.  Apparently Henderson, while as a Yankee, was approached by a kid in a wheelchair who asked Rickey for his autograph.

Rumor has it Henderson gave him a smirk and said “no thanks kid, I got better things to do.”  It just goes to show all you young kids out there that these guys may be your heroes on TV,  hell even in person…..

But if you try and get their autograph, they’ll tell you to piss off like the next guy.

Isn’t baseball awesome?

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