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Jul 27 2009

7 MLB Players I Have a Hard time Believing Weren’t or Aren’t on Steroids

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As a fantasy baseball manager I always find myself looking at the rankings of players.  And 9 times out of 10 I’ll find myself saying “that guy is ranked number 12?” or something to that extent.  I just couldn’t believe how far or little the guy had gone.

Sometimes you deduce that it’s simply his year, or perhaps the guy is in his prime.  On the opposite side you’ll see a player that is ranked so low that you can’t believe that either.

And with this being the steroid era and all, I can’t help but to believe these rankings aren’t a coincidence.

*I want to make it clear that I have zero proof of steroid use.   This is 100% speculation but come on.  We all know these guys are on the juice.

Ben Zobrist


OK where the hell did this guy come from?  Yeah I see he hit 12 bombs in 62 games last year but come on man.  He’s on pace for over 30 homers and 100 RBI’s?  I mean it’s Ben Zobrist dammit.

Do I really think Zobrist is on roids?  Of all the guys on this least I’d say he’s the least likely.

Ryan Ludwick


I just don’t buy last season.  And now he’s batting a whopping .238.  Injuries right?  Whatever man.  Injuries happen due to….steroids.  He’s a career minor leaguer who comes out and belts 37 bombs last year?  No.  Ludwick’s gotta be on the stuff.

Garrett Atkins


Talk about a decline.  Atkins….well there’s no other way to put it.  He sucks right now.  Absolutely sucks.  I just have a hard time believe the falloff is so quick on a guy that is supposed to be in his prime.   We’ll see if he turns it around but I think the lack of horse pellets is why he blows right now.

Raul Ibanez


It’s just mathematics.   Guy is a great hitter and has always produced but at 37 I wouldn’t be surprised if those rumors a while back were true.   Very few guys have pulled off what Ibanez is doing right now.   And since those rumors he’s been injured and has been batting like ass.

Travis Hafner


Guy used to be a lock for 30 and 100 while batting .300.  Now?  Now his shoulder is about to fall out of its socket.  ‘Roids.

David Ortiz


Big Papi my ass.  We all know you did ‘roids guy.  You and Manny all these years?  Come on.  You two probably shot up together before games.  It started last year and carried over into this year.  You don’t just become that mediocre all of a sudden.  It’s not like he’s THAT old.  Guy is 34.  Come on.

Andruw Jones


Talk about falling off the face of the earth.   It’s either steroids or he became a drunk.  That or the worst case of a guy letting himself go in history.  It’s not like he’s old either.  The guy is 32.  I’d like to think it’s a combination of being a drunk and possible drug addict.

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